April 20, 2009

Posted by Rie On 10:13 AM
It's been way too long since I last posted... But I'm here now and this time, I plan to post pictures too! Most of the pictures have been uploaded on facebook so these are mainly for those of you who don't have facebook. Gotta love facebook!

I have been busy, but not too overly stressed out. My days just seem to fly by and I'm seriously enjoying life. Ok, I've had some days at work where I'm ready to tear my hair out afterwards but I guess that's all part of the "real life". I still love my jobs. We had a market/circus theme week a while ago and my part of it was letting the kids throw "flødeboller" at me. It got sticky and very messy. The kids loved it - I wasn't too thrilled afterwards but it was worth it. But next time, it'll be someone else's turn in the box!

They all lined up and threw marshmellow-ish stuff at me. Even my co-workers took advantage of it and had a go. It got messy. And we were all on a sugar high afterwards!

I had several hours left of my shift afterwards and wasn't able to wash my hair. Yuck!
The youth club in Nørup is closed now. A bitter-sweet feeling. I love working there - I love it when the kids seem happy to see us and all the fun (and not-so-fun situations) stuff that goes on. But then again, it's nice having my Wednesday evenings free for other stuff. I see the kids from Nørup every once in a while at the local youth parties so I try to keep in contact. And facebook definitely helps too.
But I'm still working at the garage every Saturday and now that the weather has gotten way better, we have more and more kids coming by. Lots of fun. Especially now that I'm actually getting to know them.

Now that the sun is shining and it's warmer, we tend to move the scooters outside and work on them in the fresh air. I still know NOTHING about scooters but I'm having fun "learning" while hanging out with these kids. They love telling me all sorts of stuff and I still understand nothing about motors and stuff. Luckily, we talk about a million other things besides scooters.
Lise came out and visited me last Saturday at work. Gorgeous weather! And I got my first sunburn of the year - probably won't be my last one....
Other than work, I've been either hanging out here at home, doing artsy/creative stuff, reading and just relaxing. Or I'm spending time with my friends where we either just hang out, make dinner together, watch movies and have a couple of drinks every now and then. Greg, my Canadian buddy stayed at my place a few days before heading off to travel Europe. He'll be coming back for a few days again at the end of May and then he's going back home to get on with the real life of work and responsibilities.

Greg and me at a party at Rasmus' place a little while ago. He's definitely brought back a lot of Canadian memories and it was nice having someone here that understands my stupid canadian jokes and all the good stuff from back home.
I don't get to hang out with my friends as much as I wish I could. Due to my wacky work hours (mainly afternoons and evenings), I rarely see them during the week. So we try to get together on the weekends and catch up. Not always drinking and wild parties but always lots of fun!

Rasmus, Lise and I had a seriously fun night a few weeks ago. Just us three and I laughed so hard that my stomach muscles were hurting the next day. We took so many pictures but this one is definitely my fave. Kinda hard taking the picture and being in it at the same time but it worked out.

Last weekend was just gorgeous. Sunshine, good friends and BBQ food. Christa and Lise picked me up at work and after we did some grocery shopping, we came back to my place (and Christa's - she's my neighbour) and had a BBQ in the courtyard. Good food, good wine and good company. When the sun went down and it got chilly, we went up to my place and had a serious girl's night. Talking, laughing and even a few tears. The only bummer was that I had been in the sun a little too much during the day and was feeling the pain later on in the evening.

Great picture of Christa but a horrible picture of me. I was tired and sunburnt. Luckily, they love me even when I look like shit.
There is so much more to tell but I think I'll end it here and leave the rest for next time. I have to get ready for work now... and drink more coffee. Mmmm, coffee.....