February 24, 2015

Posted by Rie On 11:19 PM
I should seriously be sleeping. But right now, I'm just taking a break from doing school stuff. My friend is asleep on the other couch and I took advantage of the quiet moment to get some work done.

I'm drowning in everything that needs and should be taken care of. School, work, school, more work, and a sad social life. The social life I have at the moment is when my friends come over for dinner and then sleep on my couch while I work on whatever needs to be done.

My most recent exam was handed in last Friday. I don't think this one will be good. Shitty grades if it's a pass and won't be surprised if it's a fail. I just didn't put enough time or energy into this exam and I can't really blame anyone else but myself. If I pass, I will be flying high. If not, I will do it again.

I think I might be slightly stressed out. Nightmares have been a bother and I'm desperately needing a fullnight sleep. I have no idea what I'm dreaming about other than having the feeling of something chasing me. I have no memory of who or what is after me but I wake up in panic, fighting off the invisible terror or running away. Which means I've fallen out of bed on numerous occasions, often times hitting my head on my closet or my knee on the wooden floor. I sure hope it stops soon - I'm tired and I want a decent sleep!