September 30, 2012

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Hey, I feel smart....
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September 20, 2012

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Early off school today which meant - nap time after lunch! Yay me! I ended up sleeping for 2 hours! I'm already tired again so I'm not afraid of not being able to sleep tonight.

I took a break from my studies this evening and ended up spending some time in the kitchen. I've been finding ideas on pinterest and tried some of them out tonight. Busy making salads in mason jars for lunches, soya almonds for snacking and an oatmeal granola.... that's cooling down as I type this.

The oatmeal is something new tonight - it's with oats, walnuts, bananas, soya milk, maple syrup etc. I found the recipe on pinterest and thought that I would give it a try. I'm supposed to be able to make a big batch and then divide it up into portions so all I have to do is warm it up in the microwave every morning.... smells great so I'm tempted to eat a portion right now, even though it's after 9pm. Not sure if I should put 3 portions in the freezer.... I need to check out how long it can last in the fridge.

The soya almonds are awesome. Perfect snack food for me! Love it! The mason jar salads seem to work wonderfully but I still don't know how long they can stay fresh in the fridge. I made up two salads last night and have the one left for tomorrow.... I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

I'm running again - goodnight tea and a chapter in my book, then it's bedtime. LONG day tomorrow!

September 19, 2012

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It's Wednesday night here in Denmark and I'm having a nice quiet night alone. Life has been..... chaotic. Seriously. I've been tired for the past 4 weeks. Exhausted. People are starting to comment on me looking so tired and it sucks. I guess I look like shit.

I'm hoping that things will quiet down next week - although I seem to recall saying that last week. And the week before last.... Is there no end? And just imagine, I don't have kids so I can "relax" when I'm at home. Hats off to those who come home from a long day at work and have screaming brats pulling at their pant legs. (Yes, I know not all kids are screaming brats but still, it is a very likely situation for those who have kids.)

What have I been doing lately? School. Studying. Work. Cleaning. Social life. Meetings. Drama. CHAOS!

School is good. Hard but good. Some days seem like a waste of time. I mean - play soccer with an imaginary ball? Come on, seriously? Or the silly small papers on how do I feel about working in a social workplace? If I didn't like to work with people, I wouldn't be getting my degree as a p├Ždagog. (I still haven't  figured out what it's called in English.) But other days are great. Learning lots of new things and already now, I feel like I've gotten something out of my studies. But getting up at 6.30 am is just killing me. I am and never have been a morning person.

Work is okay. Lots of shift to take and I'm probably taking too many. My Fridays are hell - I get up at 6.30 am and then school until 3 pm. Then home, eat, study, social life and shower. Work again at 11 pm until 7-8 am and then I'm totally done. I'm starting to not drive to work and take a taxi home because I'm just too tired to drive home.

I know I could say no to shifts and I'm going to have to start doing so but so far, it's been hard. I suck at saying no. Like this Friday - I wasn't supposed to work. I actually had the night off. Now I have a double shift because I couldn't say no to the girl(s) who wanted the night off. And a double shift Saturday night.

Man, I suck.

My life has changed the past couple of months and looking back, I'm pretty amazed at myself. I may be complaining about my lack of time during the day but I'm also happy. I just need to take a break now and then. I'm still working on my little home and it's starting to help. I've done some serious cleaning and rearranging so it actually looks nice. Still lots to do but it's definitely a start. I'm eating better - most days - and am also losing weight. I just did a major shopping today - MAJOR - where I stocked up on fruits and veggies and lots of good stuff. I'm going to make an oatmeal/granola tonight so I can just heat it up in the mornings - easy and super healthy. I have a new slow cooker recipe I want to try out on Friday - tomorrow is fish night. I bought mason jars so I can make salads tonight and eat them for lunch the next few days. And mason jars for fruit salads for easy, healthy snacks. (Saw the idea on pinterest) I bought running shoes so I can start exercising again. I spent way too much money but my cupboards and fridge are stocked. My meals are covered for the next week or even longer.

Social life? It's mainly Pub social life while working but I'm trying to also have a life outside of the Pub. Craft Sunday last week. Manicures/girls night last night. Birthday celebration at a friend's place with sushi and wine last Saturday. So it's not all work and study. But that's why I'm so exhausted - I'm trying to fit everything in and do it all. How long can I keep doing this?

I guess we'll find out.

September 15, 2012

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It's almost 7 am and I'm on my way to bed. Finishing up a long dag - classes, movies, and work. Been up for 24 hrs.


September 11, 2012

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Right now, I'm in bed, blogging from my phone. An iPhone 4s 64gb.... I'm feeling very high-tech and uber cool. So this is actually just a test. The blogger app on my old htc didn't work well so I'm hoping that this is better. I guess we'll see.

And cross your fingers - I'm going to try and upload a picture too... The picture didn't work. I have to log on Picasso first.... But I need some sleep so that'll have to wait.