March 25, 2007

Posted by Rie On 1:29 PM
I got to sleep in and trust me, I slept good!

I still don't have anything interesting to write about - work, work and more work. Well, I did go out with some friends Friday night which was very much needed. I met up with Lena and some of her old classmates at a local cafe where we sat there for a couple of hours drinking coffee and beer. Christa came by after she was at the movies and us three girls went to a bar for more drinks - nothing wild but it was nice seeing them again and being social. Lena stayed at my place and it turned into a late night because we had so much catching up to do. I'm hoping I can visit her and her husband in Kolding sometime during the Easter holidays when I have some extra time off work.

Saturday night, Lise and I had to work. We took a group of girls to Herning for the annual skating trip but this time, it wasn't my club or her club (she got a job working in Oesdsted youth club) or our girl group so we didn't know any of these kids. It was a group of girls from Egtved youth club but they all behaved themselves perfectly and it was a very "easy" night. A little long - we weren't back in Vejle until 1am. No drinking for us after work, we both said our goodnights and just went home.

Now I'm here at home, alone and enjoying the peace and quiet. After looking around my little apartment, I realize that I should probably get some stuff done here - dishes and the usual tidying. I'm spending the evening with Anders which will be really nice since we haven't seen each other this week which means I probably won't be on Skype tonight. I'm taking my callcard with me so I can give my parents a shout if I don't make it on tonight.

Hmmm, no gossip, no funny stories, no exciting news. Maybe next time....

March 22, 2007

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Today, March 22, is my dad's birthday! Those of you who know him, know that he's a really cool dad. And for those of you who don't know him, trust me, you're definitely missing out on something special! I couldn't decide which pictures I wanted to post so here are some of my faves.

Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you have a great day and have a good sailing trip to Saltspring this weekend! I love you!

Dad and Chris, celebrating Chris' graduation. SKAAL!

Me and my Dad. He looks sleepy!

Ok, he's definitely sleepy in this picture. This is a normal, everyday thing for dad - him and the puppies take a nap in their chair.

Tee hee, I just love this picture. Grumpy old man!

Mom and dad at Glenda and Nathan's wedding Aug. 2006. My parents have known both Glenda and Nathan for years now so it was a given that they were invited.

My dad's dream comes true. For years, he's always wanted a sailboat and here he is, the captain of his Contessa!

Father and daughter - my absolute favorite picture of me and my dad!

Here are some fun pictures - as I mentioned, my dad loves to sail and would love to have a bigger boat for some longer trips. I can't afford a boat but I can have some fun with pictures of big boats and my dad.!!

(I'd change the American flag to either a Canadian or a Danish flag but I haven't gotten that far in my knowledge of photoshop.)

Tillykke med Foedselsdagen Far!!

March 21, 2007

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Posted by Rie On 9:41 AM
Ok, so last night after work, I was waiting for the bus so I could finally come home. Waiting, waiting and more waiting. Hmmm, where did the bus go? Oh right, they decided to strike! It was first after the bus was 20 mins late that I decided to call Anders and luckily, he was able to come pick me up and drive me home. Are the busses still striking today? I don't know yet so it'll be interesting in how I get back and forth to both jobs today.

So right now I'm listening to the local radio station and hoping that if the busses are striking, they will mention it before I have to go to work so I can find an alternative way of getting there. The one job is in walking distance (just a really long walk!) but the club in Norup is a little too far away to walk there. I like to walk but 36 km there and back again is a little far.

I'm a regular visitor on a craft site ( and I'm just blown away by all the amazing ideas people have and I'll have to admit now, I'm turning into a craft monster. It's kind of work related as well because when I have the art room shift in JB (Jaettebo = the "new job), I need to have ideas that are interesting for the kids. But I'm also taking a interest in many different types of crafts to do in my free time and I have so many ideas but just so little time! Maybe I'll "borrow" Glenda's idea of having a crafty blog so I can post ideas and finished projects there....

I visited T (the kid from the club who drove his scooter into a parked car and trailer) yesterday and I think he was happy I came by the hospital. I had a card with me with signatures from everyone at the club Monday night, including Karin's and my own greeting. He's banged up pretty bad - was very close in losing his leg - and will have a tough recovery time. He gets to go home on Friday but will then spend the next 5 months training his leg and muscles up again.

Work is my life lately and it looks like there is a possibility that I have to work Saturday night and take some kids out skating. Another long week. I'm hopefully meeting up with a friend Friday night - Lena from Jelling Festival is coming to Vejle and we plan on meeting after she eats dinner with some old classmates. I haven't heard from Tine in a while but I know she's been really sick so she probably hasn't been up to being social at all. But I read on her blog that she's starting to feel better so I hope we can soon meet up for either coffee, dinner or drinks. Tine - give me a call when you're up to it! I'll have to admit, I love working in Norup but after thinking about it, I'm really glad that I'll have some more time to spend with people outside of the work world!

Ok, enough of my babbling. I hope everyone is doing good, happy and healthy. Thank you to my friends who have been understanding about me not having too much time or energy to be social. And to those who have given me a hard time, well... Thank you for showing me your idea of a "friendship".

March 15, 2007

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I just finished my breakfast and I am now drinking coffee and listening to music while writing this post. I haven't post much other than my complaints about being sick so here I am with a life update!

Things are good here. Really good. Really really good. Get the point?

Work is fun and I still love it there at the "new" place. The club in Norup is good too - we close March 28th and I have mixed feelings about that. I mean, I love working there so I will miss those Monday and Wednesday evenings but then again, working everyday Monday-Friday and every evening Monday-Thursday is starting to get a little tough. I'm tired when I get to the club in Norup but it's all worth it when the kids seem happy to see me. But I don't have much of a life outside of work so it'll be nice to have a couple nights off every week. Anyways, I don't have much of a say in when we close for the season so I better just enjoy my extra time off.

Quick side story - remember my post about one of the kids stealing a tractor a couple of months ago? Well, Monday night, during a club night, he decided to do some drag racing with his scooter with some other boys. He wasn't paying attention to where he was going and smashed into a parked car with a trailer attached to it. Ambulance, police and parents all showed up.... scary sight. Anyways, I have been told that he was transfered to a larger hospital here in DK because of his serious injuries - a smashed, completely destroyed knee-cap, broken shin bone and something serious wrong with one of his main arteries in his leg.... I hope he's going to be ok.

On a happier note, Anders is such a sweetheart! Yesterday, he gave me a present - for no reason at all! Yups, my Anders went out and bought a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt for me just because he wanted to! Isn't that so nice of him?! He surprised me with the gift when I came over to his place after work! They both fit perfectly and I was very surprised and I love it! Thank you so much Anders!
Continuing on with happy news - I am getting money back in taxes this year - Yay to 900 kr! (That's almost $200 CAD) Pretty cool eh? I know some people are getting quite a bit more back in taxes but I also know of some who have to pay so I'm just extremely happy that I'm getting a little chunk back.
Ok, I think I've babbled enough for now. I have to get some things done here before I go to work.

March 10, 2007

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Yups, I beat my cold/flu and I'm pretty much 100% better. I still have a nasty cough and I think I may have lost a couple of lbs (hey, I'm not complaining!) but I no longer have a fever and my energy level is starting to be normal again. Yay me, I can rejoin the world again!

It's not like I have anything interesting to write about since the last 4 days have consisted of me either in bed or on the couch wrapped in blankets. I'm so behind in my emails (I was behind even before I got sick!), haven't been at work in 4 days, haven't really seen people other than Anders - he's been such a sweetie and has totally pampered me. But I'm back now! I have to go to Anders' parent's place in a couple of hours to celebrate his youngest brother's birthday - that means real food! Other than that, I'm just going to take it easy this weekend, work on some crafts and paintings, catch up on my emails, talk to Canada on skype and just enjoy the fact that I'm all healthy again. It's back to work on Monday and I'll admit that I can't wait to get back into reality!

To all of you who are still fighting the pre-spring cold/flu, hang in there! I hope you all get better again soon!

March 7, 2007

Posted by Rie On 10:21 AM be sick. Yups, I couldn't dodge the flu and now it's my turn to be stuck at home. I hate it. Not just because I feel like shit but because I had to call in sick yesterday and today at work and I really hate that. I might have a problem regarding the youth club in Norup because Karin can't work today and there's only me and our new guy left. Our new guy is doing ok but we can't leave him alone there.... Argh, I hate this. In the past 10 years, I have only missed out on a couple of club nights - once because of a bday celebration, once because of a trip to Canada and once because of a meeting. I HATE THIS!

I'm all bundled up in my blankets and fighting off a fever. I thought I was doing better when I woke up this morning but I thought wrong. I can't sleep anymore even though I'm dead tired.... I'm pathetic, I know.

Ok, enough of my complaining - if I don't think about how crappy I feel, maybe it'll go away faster. Other than not feeling well, I'm doing ok. Lise and I worked at a huge "rave" party for teenagers last Saturday - 700 kids came, all from the ages 14-18+ and they were all drunk. Some were way drunker than others and I was forced to call some parents but all in all, it went ok. I almost got punched in the head by a pissed and pissed off boy from my club but he calmed down and apologized for being an asshole. I think most of the kids had fun and Lise and I are glad that we were there to make sure things went smoothly.

I'm still loving my "new" job. I guess I can't really say it's new anymore but I still love it. We're having a party/open house for all the kids in the area on Friday and I have to get better because I have to be there. We hired two DJ's, a magician and will be having several fun games with prizes so I'm looking forward in seeing how that goes.

Ok, I gotta go, I can't write anymore. I'm crawling back into my bed and hoping that I can sleep the flu away.

March 1, 2007

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Today is Glenda's birthday!! Happy Birthday sweetie! I've known Glenda for quite a while now, we met back in junior high school in French class. She got me into trouble for talking in class (tee hee) so we were moved to the front of the class. But the teacher must have seen a true friendship because instead of splitting us up, she moved us both and we have been friends ever since. Glenda and I have gone through a lot together and after all these years, even though we do not see each other often, I still consider her to be one of my best friends in the entire world.
Glenda is a great person and anyone who has met her knows just how special she is. A true friend.

Happy Birthday, you old fart! I love you!!

Glenda and Nathan - Prom 1997. Don't they both look amazing?!

Glenda and Nathan several years later! Such a cute couple!

Glenda's getting married and us girls took her on a girl's night out!

Aug. 2006 - Glenda and Nathan are getting married!

They are now husband and wife!

I just love this picture. It was taken during one of the speeches at their wedding and I love how happy Glenda looks!

Glenda and Rie - an old picture but one of my faves.

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Today is my aunt Karin's birthday! I really started getting to know Karin when I moved to Denmark back in 1997 - I lived with her and Ernst for a year before I got my own place in Vejle. But Karin and I still see each other on a regular basis since we work together at the youth club!
Tillykke med foedselsdagen!!

Every Christmas, we all get together at Karin and Ernst's place for a huge family Christmas dinner. Lots of food, lots of laughs and lots of gossip!!

As you can see, Karin and I always have lots of fun at the youth club. She's worked there for around 20 years and I've been there for almost 10 years. The kids think we're crazy but we both know that they appreciate us because when we're not there, they totally miss us!!

Karin and her sisters visted their little brother and family (my dad and mom) in Canada a couple of years ago. I think they had a really good visit!!

Another picture from the club - Karin is relaxing in the tv room, taking a short break from teenagers.

My aunt, Karin! Happy Birthday!