April 21, 2011

Posted by Rie On 12:37 PM
Today is my mom's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

It's my Easter vacation right now, so I'm enjoying a quiet day with music, coffee, too many smokes, cleaning and just hanging out here at home. All my jobs are very social with either kids, co-workers and party-loving fun people, so it's nice to have some time here at home, alone. I was supposed to work last night at the pub but it was a super slow night, so I went home early. But that's okay with me since I'm working Thursday-Friday-Saturday and Sunday night...

Things here are good. Actually, really good. The sun is shining, all my windows are open and I'm enjoying life. I'm starting to make my plans for my four week long summer vacation and this year - it's going to ROCK!


This year, I finally get to visit my grandparents in Ontario! I rarely get to see them - the last time I saw them was 4 years ago and then before that - MANY years! I'm so happy and so excited! So mom and I will be meeting up in Toronto and driving up to them for a few days. Just a relaxing, coffee-drinking, lots of hugs and "hygge" kind of visit. After we spend some days there, we drive back down to Toronto and instead of ending my trip there, I fly back with mom to the island to see dad and all the crazy people over there. I can't wait!!

Yes, I'm gushing. But I'm super happy and super excited so let me gush.

Other future plans.... How about a Bon Jovi concert with Heidi in June? Or a camping trip to Germany with the kids from the club, just before I go on vacation? Canada with Lise in September/October? It's all going to happen! The only "bummer" is that I won't be a part of Langelandsfestival but I can definitely live with that. It's great fun, with super cool people and a good experience but I can't make it all work out. Not this year.

I just finished my coffee, so maybe it's a good time to log off and get some spring cleaning done. If I get everything done today, then I can just relax and enjoy my Easter vacation - besides work, my plans are going to the gym, crafting, reading out in the sun, drinking way too much coffee, hanging out with friends... Right now, LIFE IS GOOD!

April 12, 2011

Posted by Rie On 10:13 AM
I have a feeling this post is going to be babble and ramblings. I want to write - it's been freaking forever since my last post - but I don't know what I'll end up writing about.

Things are good here. The sun was shining yesterday but now it's grey and yucky again. Good thing I'll be spending my day inside at work with the kids. I took the day off work yesterday but instead of actually getting things done - I vegged! And it was WONDERFUL! I didn't even feel like making dinner so I popped over at the "grill-bar" just down the street and picked up some greasy chicken and fries. Yummy. Good thing I don't do that as often because it was yummy while eating it but afterwards, wasn't so good. I forgot that fried greasy good tends to upset my stomach.

I took a plunge last week and cut my hair! And I HATE IT! I really hope its because I'm not used to chin-length hair but I miss my long flowing mane.... But then again, it's healthy for the hair to do that sometimes and I love hats so I'll just have to wait until it grows out a bit.

I have nothing much to say other than work, hair, greasy food.... oh right! I am still very much addicted to buying books online and just received a new batch. Crafty books of all sorts! LOVE LOVE LOVE crafty books. Good for cozy craft time here at home and also good for inspiration for the kids at work.

I have to go again, time to brush my teeth, find a hat and shoes and get ready for work. Not because I'm super thrilled that I took an extra shift today but I have to be responsible and adult-like. Being an adult is sometimes not all that fun!