January 19, 2009

Posted by Rie On 11:35 AM
Mondays are always different for me. Sometimes I get up and groan over the fact that my weekend is over and that I have to work. Sometimes I jump out of bed and smile to the world, thinking about how much I love my job(s) and that this is a new week. Sometimes I get lots of stuff done here at home before work, and sometimes I do nothing.

It's been a combination of everything this morning. I was super tired when I got up. Really tired. It was a hard weekend and late last night before I went to bed - ended up watching the game last night and playing on the computer. I slept like a freaking rock! So I crawled out of bed, groaned over the fact that I really should be getting up and doing some stuff here before I go to work (I have the evening shift tonight) and made some breakfast, made some coffee and now I'm ready to start my day.

And now I'm awake. Not ready for work just yet, but awake and smiling.

I don't really have any huge plans this week. The biggest news would be that I'm getting a couch tonight and I'm super excited. Yes, one can get excited over a piece of furniture! I can't wait! The plan is that my co-worker gets my extra key, since I'm working, and will swing by with the couch tonight. Which means that I should have a nice "surprise" when I get home tonight. YAY ME! Pictures will come!! Me and some kids picked up the "old" couches on Saturday and brought them over to the garage so I sat on the floor last night.

Other than that, it looks like my week will be busy with work. I'm starting a work-related course on Saturday so I won't be at the garage this weekend but I can't fit everything into my schedual. I'm still struggling with slight signs of a cold and drinking tea and NeoCitron but it looks like I'll survive another day. Went out with friends Friday and Saturday night - nothing extreme but still lots of fun. Spent a quiet day at home yesterday.

Life is good.

January 15, 2009

Posted by Rie On 11:00 AM
I'm in the mood to update my blog but I don't have any witty opening comments to get myself started. I'm sitting here in my living room, listening to music and drinking tea, trying desperately to wake up even though it's already 11am. I'm tired. I slept way too good last night and had a really hard time getting my ass out of bed. Maybe I should make myself some coffee after posting and hopefully that will help wake me up before I have to work.

Today is Thursday which means that I don't have to be at work until 2pm. Work is going good - it was hard to get back into the routine of things after the holidays but it's getting there. I love my job(s) so that definitely helps. I'm pretty busy trying to juggle everything and give each job all the energy and attention they deserve but I'll admit that sometimes it's a little hard. I do what I can do and have decided to just take one day at a time.

My apartment is coming along - slowly but definitely turning into a home. A little Rie home. I'm getting another couch next Tuesday and I can't wait! My coworker decided to get a new one and his is still in good condition so he thought of me. Yay me! The couches I have right now were given to me by one of my kid's parent's when they fixed up their living room and I have been super grateful - but they are not the prettiest pieces of furniture and they aren't the type of couches that one just throws themselves on and relaxes. A little too hard and stiff for my taste. So... Tuesday, I get a "new" couch and these "old" ones will be donated to my garage so that the kids have a place to sit. So, once I get my couches, my table and sofa table from my friend (YAY Heidi!), I can start thinking about hanging up some lamps and paintings.

I have some great family and friends in my life that have really helped me in this moving process and I couldn't have done it without any of them. Just the support, the emails, the phone calls, the hugs and the long talks. I have decided that 2009 will be a good year. I'm back into the groove - I'm painting again, doing my creative thing, having fun, meeting people, loving my job(s) and just taking it one day at a time. Life is good and I'm happy.

January 3, 2009

Posted by Rie On 1:43 PM
Right now, I'm at work. Not at a warm youth club with coffee and kids, but at the garage. It's cold, I don't have any coffee and there are no kids here. I'm all alone.... I could start talking to myself and no one would notice that I'm slowly going crazy...

Which is why I decided to play geek on the computer instead. Upload some pictures, read some blogs, catch up on emails and just geek out while sitting on a motorcycle lift and breathing in the garage air. These are the most recent pictures taken during the holidays of family and friends. I haven't been good at taking pictures and have definitely regretted it. I should have my camera with me at all times!

Ernst on Christmas Eve with Pernille's dog - Ricco. A very friendly dog who loves attention.

A father-daughter moment. Jannie got a new office chair for Christmas and Claus was there to help her put it together.

Karin smirks at the way her present from Ernst is wrapped. A plastic bag and tape goes a long way!

Pernille relaxing with a glass of redwine.

My friend Lise came over one day to make Christmas snacks with marcipan and nougat. We got our hands dirty and tried to be creative and I found out that marcipan art is not one of my talents.

Don't remember what Lise found to be so funny but here she is in my kitchen, raiding my cupboards and having a good time.
I was at Jonna and Brian's place on Christmas Day but didn't take any pictures... Silly me. I don't even know if they took any pictures. We ate, talked, drank coffee and had a good time together with Jonna's close family. (I've included myself into their family - hee hee!) After Christmas, I spent some time with my friends and work at the local youthclub party. Then I got sick. Blah!! I ended up staying home New Years Eve - see previous post :( - and tried to sleep my misery away. I'm feeling better again, back in business and ready to take over the world. Still snotty and I can't hear anything but I'm alive and kicking.
Will not forget what Rachel told me - Year 2009 is OUR year! Better watch out!!