November 24, 2011

Posted by Rie On 11:47 AM
I mentioned it before and I'll do it again - I love my Thursdays! I can sleep in, I can putter around here at home and do what even I want before I go to work and spend my day with kids in our crafting room. LOVE THURSDAYS! And sometimes, when I'm on my way home from work after 10pm, I drop by the Pub to say hi - usually have a coffee or whatever.

Today is of no exception! I slept in - loved it! Had my coffee (damn - no milk!!) and am now surfing the net while listening to loud music. The apartments next door are being renovated so I have music to drown out the hammering and loud noises from next door. So far so good. I updated my blog with a new Canada 2011 chapter and while I was going through the pictures, I just realized something. I LOVE TAKING PICTURES!! And I think I'm actually pretty good at it. So I'm going to recharge my camera batteries and start dragging that little baby around with me.

Thursday plan - I still have a little while before I have to work so I think I'm going to be responsible and clean up. Empty the dishwasher, air the place out and clean the bathroom. I have 2 friends staying here Sunday to Monday so I want the place to be somewhat decent.

I hope you all have a great day!
Posted by Rie On 11:29 AM
Canada 2011 - a wonderful summer. One evening, I was at Glenda's place and we were talking about my dad's boat.... after a short chat, we called up my dad and arranged a day for Glenda and Nathan to come with us for a short trip on Biksen. My dad loves those two so it didn't take any time to convince him that they should come with us when we move the boat back to Hidden Harbour. What a perfect day - the sun was shining, we ate lunch on the boat and just had a really good day. The only downside was that we didn't have much wind and we didn't have all day to putter around in the ocean. But a wonderful few hours with some of my favourite people in the world.

Glenda and Nathan, waiting for Biksen to be put back into the water.

Biksen is being put back into the water, while Glenda and Nathan keep an eye out on things.

Glenda! One of the coolest people on earth!

Captain Nathan - Love this picture!!

Taking a break from being the captain and enjoying the quiet up front.

Teehee, sorry dad, couln't resist. Love this picture too!

Nathan - I hope he had a good day!

Nathan and Glenda - thanks for a great day!

November 19, 2011

Posted by Rie On 4:51 PM
It's around 4:30 pm here. I can honestly say.... I haven't done anything interesting today!! I didn't even get up until way past lunch time. It's a work weekend for me, which means I was at the Pub working last night and then again tonight. So I don't even feel guilty about getting some sleep! And now I will get some coffee...

Mmmm - coffee.... (and loud music!!)

Work last night was good. A decent warm-up for a rockin' night tonight - I have a feeling it's going to be super busy. It's the first real "Julefrokost" night for the Danes and that always includes a trip to a bar. Julefrokost is basically just a Christmas party with lots of food and lots of alcohol. So that means every weekend from now to Christmas will be busy at the Pub. But I would much rather it be busy than too quiet!

I'm almost done with LS's late bday present. It just needs a zipper.... I made her one of those weaved magazine purses - black and white with speck of silver using wrapping paper, backside of a chips bag and clear packing tape. I'm quite pleased with the result so far and it will be nice to finally get it done. I also had made her a sock monkey (joke gift) and that turned into a big hit... which means that I might have to make more. The kids at the club have gone all crazy about the purses and the sock dolls so we've been busy in the art room. Pretty cool when something works out, eh?

Other than work, nothing new here. I've been busy at the youth club with kids, teenagers and meetings. And whenever I do have some quiet time to myself, I just drowned myself in a good book and escaped reality. I have the munchies right now - craving foods that I just don't have in my kitchen. Well, actually, I don't have anything in my kitchen other than soup and frozen meat.... nothing all that interesting. Meh.

Off to sew in the zipper so LS can come home from work tomorrow to a little extra surprise. I think I will update my blog (and my creative blog) with pictures instead of too much writing. I just like to write. Maybe I should start working on a book.... Do I have the time for that?? Not at the moment.....

November 12, 2011

Posted by Rie On 11:26 AM
I'm still around and still plan on keeping up my blog. I know, I know - I KNOW - it's been a good while since I last posted and I'M SORRY! A thing called life, responsibilities and stuff like that just keep getting in the way of my blogging madness. And the frusterating part of it, is that I still WANT to blog. And babble. All in random order.

But I'm back today and I'm not sure what I want to write about. What has happened the past few months? I still have loads of pictures to show from my summer trip and that'll come. One day. I actually want to go through all my pictures and print some out, get some cool frames and hang them up on my walls but the actual step of getting them printed out and hanging on my wall is a big step. Big step!

I had a birthday last week - 32 years old. And I'm embracing it. 32 baby! The only downer about being in my 30's is that people keep asking me "Don't you think it's time to settle down with a man - have babies, get a house, get a dog and grow up...." Hmmm, well, easy enough for you to say and I will get there, one day. When I finally meet a guy that doesn't break my heart, want to change who I am or isn't a jerk. Call me picky but whatever. I haven't met that guy yet so that means that I'm a 32 year old single woman, just enjoying my life the way it is right now. But I had a kick-ass wonderful birthday with good friends and I enjoyed the entire day. I was spoiled rotten with greetings, songs, hugs, kisses, dances, presents - all done with style. I was actually very overwhelmed and had to take time to myself to regain my composure - my friends are super awesome and they should be told that every day. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Thank you for such an amazing day.

Work is going good. I still have jobs that I love very much and that's what counts. I don't make loads of money but I'm happy. I have two jobs now, instead of four.... the whole plan of cutting back the other 2 (still great places to work) was because I couldn't keep up the pace. I worked every day of the week, always running back and forth from one place to another, trying to keep the energy at a max the entire time. I couldn't keep up. So I quit the two of my fantastic jobs and have decided to just focus on my main job at the youth club and the weekend fun job at the bar - I'm still running around like a chicken with no head but I'm able to manage my time and energy slightly better. But just slightly.

Speaking of work - I actually took a weekend off work. Seriously. I have the ENTIRE weekend off from the pub and I'm in a state of shock. I mean, it's Saturday morning-ish, and I'm awake! I slept Friday night! I actually have already had a cup of coffee, a load of laundry is in the machine and I'm.... AWAKE! WOW! (Is it scary to think that I miss the pub..... one freaking weekend off and I already miss the old place.)

Plans for today - other than laundry and bathing..... Bday presents for LS, cleaning and taking a nap before I head out the door to celebrate LS. She doesn't read this blog so I'm not worried about her seeing me talk about her bday - which is on Monday. We're celebrating it tonight with drinks and loud music and I'm ready. I'm ready to put on nice clothes, make myself look gorgeous, dance and laugh the night away. I'm in a creative mood so all of her gifts have been handmade..... and I'm not even close to being done. (Typical me, I have lots to finish and here I am - babbling about how I need to finish it all intead of actually doing it!!) But in my defence, I have until Monday.

Have I mentioned lately that men suck? Not all men - I know several guys who are just wonderful people and I love them dearly but..... but...... ARGH! Yes, that is a sign of frusteration!! I meet people every weekend - I smile, nod, wave and hug, flirting and dancing at the pub and basically meet men every weekend but they end up being jerks. Or too drunk. Or they smell gross. Or they are cheating bastards (Amazing to see how many cheat on their partner in drunken states). Or they can't dance. And when I do finally meet someone I'm slightly interested in, I'm too damn shy to say anything. Yes, I work at a pub, am very out-going and fun but... I'm shy and nervous. It's all an act. I can be anyone I want to be when I'm behind the bar - fun and games - but when it comes to the real deal, I can't do it. Nope. Not a hell.

Anyways, there is a reason to my rant.... I met someone a few weekends ago while working at the local October beerfest. A great night. I felt good. I looked hot. I had a blast. And I met a guy working there too and we totally hit it off. People could sense our chemistry and I thought - holy shit, there is definite potential here. He's cute. He's my age. He can flirt. He has tattoos. He can smile. He can joke around and have fun. So when he asked for my number, I gave it to him. (I don't usually do that, so it was a big step for me....). We texted back and forth the entire week - every day and all day. He did drop a big bomb about having children - 4 to be exact!! and being divorced. But he still seemed super cool so I decided to take that chance and meet up with him - we made plans to have a couple of drinks at the pub, the night before my bday. So I'm at the pub with friends, meanwhile having nervous flutters every time someone walks in the door - he's late. I had to work later that night so I got changed and put on my pub-party face and did my thing. HE STOOD ME UP. Seriously. I basically got stood up on my fucking bday. (And he knew it was my bday.....)

And he didn't have the balls or consideration to text or call until I confronted him via text msg Sunday evening. His excuse? He got called in and had to work. Fair enough..... but didn't the thought of texting me and letting me know strife his mind? HRMF. Then he called me up a couple of days later and says that he's looking forward to seeing me soon.....? WTF!? Needless to say, I haven't made any efforts to contact him and that flirt is definitely history. I'm not needy - a text msg saying he couldn't make it would have been okay. But nope, not even that....

Wow, I'm totally in babbling mode. Random thoughts - fits with my random music play-list. One second, heavy metal Rammstein, then U2 and now Nephew..... I'm all wired up on coffee now so I'm going to use some of the jitterness for productive things around my little home - vacumn? Wash floors? Fold laundry?