January 31, 2011

Posted by Rie On 11:04 AM
I might actually be getting too old for these kind of weekends!

The sleepover at the youthclub was a success. HUGE success! At least, that's the impression I got from the kids. It started out with a major shopping trip to the grocery store with Dorte - pizza stuff, fruit, veggies, snacks, juice, makeup stuff etc. Lots of good stuff! Luckily, my other coworker had already made dinner for us, so we didn't have to worry about that. Which was a major bonus because the kids started to come early and we were a little stressed out.

But it worked out. The kids came, were all happy and excited. They were fed and then the activities began. Dancing, fashion shows, nailpolish, pillow fights, movies, snacks, girltalk, computer games - it was a long and busy night. I think the last of the girls fell asleep around 4am and then Dorte and I cleaned up and evaluated the evening. We woke them all up at 8am and got the place ready for breakfast and for the parents. They were picked up at 10am and an hour later, we could also go home.

But it was a good night. The girls were all excited to tell their parents about the sleepover so I'm assuming that means they had fun. And they are already talking about next time.

I got home, ate some lunch and then went to bed. I had to work at the pub at 7pm, so after a couple hours of sleep, massive amounts of coffee and redbull, I was ready. The night started off at a slow pace - but turned super busy after a couple of hours. I was working the coatcheck and by 2am, I was in trouble. Not so much because I was tired, but because people just kept on coming - the pub was packed almost the entire night. It was a long and very tough shift. Thank god for some good co-workers, who helped out even though they weren't working. I couldn't have survived the evening without them! But when I got home at 6am-ish, I was exhausted. Tired and in pain.

But I survived my work weekend.

Sunday - I kept things quiet. Lise came over so we could watch the men's handball game - final game in the world championship. We lost to France. Boohoo! We'll have to live with a silver medal. Her and I ate burgers and then she left so I could skype it out with my parents. Gotta love Skype!

And then I went to bed. And I let myself sleep in today. It's now 11am and I'm ready to take over the world!

January 28, 2011

Posted by Rie On 1:27 PM
I'm enjoying a quiet Friday - I stayed up late last night, working on my puzzle. I slept in today and was able to just wake up at my own pace. I ate breakfast/lunch and started on some laundry. I worked on my other blog and now I'm here. Oh yeah, don't forget the drinking tea part... I don't have more milk for my coffee, so it was tea today.

But at 4pm - the quiet, relaxing Friday is at an end. I have a long evening and night ahead of me. We're having a slumber party at the club - 25 girls (ages 9-12) are coming at 6pm and then it'll probably be madness until 11am tomorrow. I don't expect to get any sleep (we didn't sleep at all the last time we hosted a sleepover), so I'm going to drown myself with coffee and Redbull. We have many plans and I know many of the girls are very excited.

But my work weekend isn't over there. I get home Saturday at around lunch time, and then my plan is to sleep a bit. And try to relax. I have a shift at the pub at 7pm and I won't be home until 7am Sunday so it's going to be another long night.

Good thing I love my jobs! Now I'm off to drink more tea and make up a shopping list for today.

January 27, 2011

Posted by Rie On 11:28 AM
And this time, I'm not talking about my blog.

I'm the type of person who loves lists. I make lists for almost everything - what to do today, what to do tomorrow, my future goals and dreams etc. I have probably made a list for anything that needs a list. I'm also the type of person who dreams. I daydream about everything relevant in my life and even things that are impossible. And I daydream about actually doing everything on my lists - but nothing happens!

All the good ideas and goals I have usually don't amount to anything because all I do is.... Dream! Seriously, I can sit on my couch, with no plans, look at my list(s) and think about how nice it would be to actually accomplish something - be able to cross something off. I get the important things done, for example, I ALWAYS pay my bills on time. I have NEVER missed out on a shift due to forgetfulness - even when I did have 4 jobs and that meant some serious planning. I have never missed out on a meeting at work or social events with friends due to forgetfulness....

But - I'm talking about small (and even larger) changes with ME. I know... sounds stupid, eh?

I'm only human (and I'm girly) - I dream about who I can be. Not changing everything about me, because I actually like who I am. I'm talking about certain changes that could eventually improve my life and make me into a better, way more cooler, fun person. So, I asked myself "Why is it so hard for me to do the things I want to do?". And I realized, it's because I'm lazy and I have no will-power. And I'm good at adapting, so if things aren't great but aren't bad, I usually just live with it, without complaining too much.

So here goes. I'm officially telling the world that I'm ready. I'm ready to get my shit together and I'm ready to embrace what can happen and work for it. I want it all bad enough now that it's making my head explode. I'm tired of just dreaming - I want actions now!

And you're probably wondering - what the HELL is she talking about??

Smoking. I'm a smoker and I smoke A LOT! I've been smoking for many years now and it sucks! So, in order to eventually quit - some changes have to be made. No more smoking in my living room, while surfing the net, watching tv or doing a puzzle. I'm not ready to quit just yet but I need to change some of my routines which hopefully will make it easier to quit in the future.

Diet/exercise. I'm not fat. (I hate that word!) But I'm overweight and I don't like it. I'm never going to be the girl who is super slender, with long legs and no rolls on my tummy. I'm short, I have big boobs and my legs are often referred to as tree-trunks. That's who I am. But... I don't need the granny flabby skin on my arms. I don't need 3 rolls on my tummy - one will do just fine. I want to be able to dance and run without dying after 3 minutes. And I know where my problems are ..... I drink too much alcohol and soda/pop. I love bread, chips, french fries and chocolate. I don't eat enough veggies (but I love them!). I'm lazy.

(If I were smoking in my livingroom, I would have lit one right now....)

Creativity. I have so many freaking ideas and plans with what I want to do or make or try out..... I love the fact that my home is often looked at, as something super cool and fun - just like me. But I have many unfinished projects and plans. I often times find myself dreaming more about certain projects, instead of actually doing something. I'm been planning on sending my brother a painting for many months now. I know exactly what I want to make but I never get it done. I have a lamp just sitting on my floor that needs to be revamped and... it's still sitting there.

Those are the major "dreams" I have. I have smaller ones too, that might just make my life easier and better. No more impulse buys - get my savings account going again - be better at getting up at a decent hour instead of sleeping - drink more water - smile more - learn how to cook (better) - write more emails - do laundry more than every 2-3 weeks (then I won't drown in dirty clothes).....

Get my point?

Am I an idiot?

Be nice to me - I just exposed my heart, mind and soul here on the internet. But I feel good about it!

January 26, 2011

Posted by Rie On 10:04 AM
Crazy. This past weekend was just nuts! In a good way - super fun with good friends. Lots of laughs - lots of stupid events - lots of childish behavior - dancing - gossiping.... it's one of those weekends that will be talked about for a long time now.

Friday, after work, I met up with a friend from Tartan - Christina. We went to Tartan and had a blast with our friends at work and those who were just there. It was a late night but I was still able to get up early-ish Saturday and meet up with some more friends.

Rie and Christina at Tartan Pub.

Sabine and Rie at Tartan Pub.

Rie being a true ninja!

I am a part of our "social event ministry" at Tartan and we had arranged a Games event, playing Tekken. Not that many showed up but it was still lots of fun - just laughing, drinking coffee and having loads of fun. We all went out for dinner and then made plans for meeting up later on in the evening.

Games event - Tekken - winner and loser.

Saturday evening/night was also a blast - I met up with Ane and the rest of the gang after I was able to sleep for an hour. It was one of our bartender/DJ last shift and after almost 11 years working there, a good night was in order. Many of those who work there came by and it turned into another late night. Very late. I was one of the first to go home (7am-ish?) but wasn't allowed to sleep that long.....

Ane and Rie - a big beer and a ninja.

Ane and Rie at Tartan Pub.

A few of my co-workers decided to show up at my place with breakfast. I woke up to them pounding on my door at around 9am. So we ate breakfast. And then they wrestled. Yes... they are weird but super fun. And super childish.

The people I work with brought breakfast - Opel and Madsen.

They are NOT normal. Sabine, Madsen, Christina and Opel.

WWF in my living room. They were kind enough to leave me out of that and let me enjoy my breakfast.

And now they are quiet.
I spent my Sunday just relaxing, working on my puzzle and talked to my parents on Skype. I had the day off work Monday, so I was able to sleep in and get some things done here at home. But now I'm back in the world of child-care and will leave the partying and whatnot to those who have more energy than me. I had a super fun December/January party months but now it's back to normal. I will still take the shifts I can get at Tartan but the actual partying will be kept at a low for the next little while.

January 21, 2011

Posted by Rie On 12:00 PM
Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not great at getting up early in the mornings. Which is one reason why my jobs are perfect for me - all afternoons/evenings/night shifts. It doesn't matter if I go to bed early in the evening, I still have a hell of a time getting up at, ex. 7am. It's like my body is on automatic shut down. But that means, that I'm almost always awake late at night. You will always have a better chance getting a hold of me at midnight than at 8am.

So, a couple of days ago, I had just got home - it's around 10pm. My friend called and we chatted about her upcoming exam - she then asked me "Hey Rie, what are you up to tonight?". I said "hmmm, I'm actually thinking about adding streaks in my hair but I'm not sure how....". She said "Need some help?" And then I said "Sure, but I was thinking about doing it tonight." She answered "I'll come over in 10 minutes."

And that's how the evening/night started.

She came over and we got started right away. I'm never really that nervous about my hair - my theory is: It'll always grow out. Or I can always dye it again. Sidsel knew what to do and after a while, I was sitting there with tinfoil in my hair, just waiting for the results. The results were great! Light streaks all over the place and I was happy!

Getting started!
Tinfoil and hair dye!
Sidsel decided to add a single streak to her own hair!
YAY! I love the new color!!

Then Sidsel said "When was the last time you had a haircut?" My hair was in desperate need of a haircut! So, we ended up cutting my hair.

Great color but definitely in need of a cut!

Just to mention - Sidsel is NOT a hairdresser. But we definitely found out that she has a talent.

Goofy picture but with awesome hair!
Can you see the difference?

Now, I have healthy, fun hair and I love it! It turned into a late night - done at 3am but lots of fun and totally worth it.

January 18, 2011

Posted by Rie On 3:07 PM
I was at work last night (like I usually am) and the scooter boys were painting their scooters... totally stinking up the entire youth club. I got a mild headache from the fumes so when we closed for the evening, I decided to walk home instead of taking the bus. It's not a long walk - around 40 mins but long enough to clear my head.

It didn't work. Forty minutes later, I got home - wet, tired, cold and still with the headache. It had started raining and since I didn't plan on walking home, I had my sneakers on. My feet were totally soaked through. I made myself a cup of tea, sat on the couch and enjoyed a quiet moment while wrapped up in blankets.

I still had a headache.

So I took a painkiller and crawled into bed. I had a hard time falling asleep - but that's pretty normal for me the last few weeks. I finally fell asleep but woke up several hours later... not with a headache. But with a freaking migraine! It's been a while since I last had a migraine and I had forgotten how much it hurt.

Then I threw up. (I know, too much info...)

I tried to sleep again but that didn't go too well. I kept throwing up. I ended up calling in sick today and then took 2 more painkillers, hoping that I could at least sleep it off. It's now 3pm and I'm finally feeling slightly normal again. A little groggy but definitely better.

Moral of this story - when boys are stinking up the place, make them go outside!

January 17, 2011

Posted by Rie On 11:28 AM
I have decided to do a number of posts of things that have happened last year. This post is dedicated to Lise and Limp....

The last weekend of September, Lise and I went over to Copenhagen. It was a short trip but lots of fun. We stayed at her aunt's place - who was super sweet and very generous for letting us crash there. Lise made me drive on the highway for the first time since I got my license and that was scary for me. I did fine, but racing along at 130 km/h was new for me.

Driving on the highway for the first time since I got my license. Very concentrated!!

The reason we went to CPH there was because we got tickets to a Limp Bizkit concert, at one of my favourite venues - Vega. I was at Vega for the +Live+ concert with Heidi a few years back and I just love the place. Small and intimate. Great sound and easy to find. So when Lise said "Hey, Limp is playing and I have tickets. Wanna go?", I said "Sure, sounds good to me.". So after dinner at her aunt's place, we head off to a great concert.

I can never describe a concert properly in writing. It's the entire atmosphere that all adds up to a great concert - the people, the energy, the sound, the smells.... But trust me, it was good. Better than I had actually expected. We were right up in front of the scene and could see everything without being trampled. Fred and the rest of the Limp gang did a great job - connected with the audience and took their time to have some fun. It seemed like they had a great time being there - took time between sets to talk and look around. I'm not the biggest Limp fan but they definitely gained my respect.

He was really good! We stood pretty much right in front of him.

Rocking it out in CPH!

Greeting all the fans.

So, afterwards, we walked around CPH, got some food and just took in the energy. It's a great city - lots of life and diversity. The next morning, we did some shopping and poked around all the little stores and saw some really neat stuff. I didn't get any pictures of our shopping trip but trust me, we had fun!

Lise and me taking a break while checking out CPH.

Grafitti at CPH train station. It says "Art or vandalism?"

It's hard being at a concert and then exploring the city afterwards!

January 16, 2011

Posted by Rie On 10:37 PM
I found a template I like! I gave up on bloggers templates and found one online that I can live with for now.

Not too bad, eh?

I'll write more tomorrow - it's bedtime now. A busy weekend so I'm pretty beat.

January 10, 2011

Posted by Rie On 5:22 PM
I'm still playing around with this site - definite work in progress ;)

Does anyone know how to center my blog name and title?

January 9, 2011

Posted by Rie On 11:44 PM
... that I'm not happy with this layout. It's not feeling right for me.

So, if you guys happen to see any blogs that are super cool - strictly layout speaking - please let me know. Send me the link and I will definitely check it out. I'm looking for ideas for a simple, easy-to-read layout that allows me to have a little fun. I like.... I like so many different layouts and that's why I can't decide!!

ARGH! The sorrows of a geek. Yes, I'm a geek and I like that! Damn proud of my certain geeky qualities.

Something funny my mom showed me -. a book called "Adult Child of Hippies" by Willow Yamouchi. It sounds absolutely hilarious!! I totally need to get a hold of that book! So I would now on like to consider myself a geeky adult child of hippie. (Not so much from my dad but I definitely can describe my mom as a slight hippie. And I love her for that!)

Anyways - it's late here and me being the responsible (geeky adult child of hippies), I should be going to bed. I doubt I can sleep. So many ideas and a long to-do list is running through my mind and I wish the weekend was longer. I always wish the weekend was longer..... or I wish I was a little better in using my time wisely. I have so much to do at work tomorrow - I just ordered a huge amount of new supplies and artsy/crafty stuff for our creative workshop and I'm super excited to see what we got. Hopefully the packages will come tomorrow!

End of ramblings for now. Send me links to super cool, super funky and super awesome blogs. And bonus points to those who send links of super wicked nice crafty blogs - I'm in my crafty groove and I want to suck in all the inspiration I can get!

January 5, 2011

Posted by Rie On 10:29 PM
I'm not sure if I like the new look. I like the black and white look - simplicity but it's also very.... boxy.

What do you guys think? Yes? No? Totally redo it again? Small changes?

Does anyone actually read this blog anymore or have you have given up on me?

Did you all have a nice day? I hope so.

January 4, 2011

Posted by Rie On 10:08 AM
It's been seriously too long since I last posted. I don't have any real excuses to why I haven't been around - I work but no more than most other people. I have a social life but again, no moore than others. I forgot about blogging? Nope - because I can usually keep myself updated by reading other blogs...

See, I'm taking all the responsibility here. It's all due to laziness. But now I'm back.

But alas, this post will be kept short. I'm leaving the house in 20 mins for work. But I think I will play around with the blog after work (I have a short day) and maybe find a new layout. Maybe something lighter and easier to read. Although I do like my black background.

I miss writing. I miss just babbling on and on - I wonder if people have forgotten about me.... I wouldn't blame them. It's been several months since I've been around. But I have a feeling that I'm back again for good.

You see - I have some ideas. Yups. Ideas. Stuff I want to write about - share my opinions and feelings. I don't know where this blog is heading but back to a normal active blog life is definitely a big part of my plan. I forgot how much I like to write.

So for those of you reading this post - thank you for not giving up.

(And I apologize now for any spelling mistakes. As I type this, I'm not wearing my glasses, still quite groggy from sleep and I recently did my nails - gel nails - and I'm still not used to them. So my excuse is that I can't see or type properly.)