July 13, 2009

Posted by Rie On 10:17 PM
I used to be really good at updating my blog with pictures and just telling my life story.... lately, I suck. I don't know why. I still love to write and I still really want to share my stories and experiences with all you but it's been hard finding the time and energy for a decent post.

Sorry! ;)

But, here I am. It's Monday evening and I'm seriously enjoying a quiet evening after a somewhat long day. I'm officially on vacation! Yups - I am off work for the entire month of July! Ok, not 100%, since I'm still working at the garage but still, I have vacation! YAY!! Can I hear a woot woot?!

Not because I've done much so far. Hung out with my friends, made some new friends, spent time alone here at home, slept, listened to music, drank coffee and all that wonderful good stuff one can do while on vacation. Last Friday, I went to Juelsminde Havnefest with some friends and had a blast. Juelsminde is a little town about 30km from Vejle and they had a little festival/fair thing going. It's pretty much a bunch of hicks and a bunch of "city people" from Vejle that hang out and drink beer. Yeah, Danes like their beer. I behaved myself since I was working the day after but it still turned into a super fun (and very late) night. But I was awake and ready for work the next day. I can be a good girl! ;)

I am meeting up with Arma on Thursday in Kolding and going to Århus with Heidi on Friday. Working Saturday and basically just doing my own thing. I really really really want to go to Ikea soon and do a little mini shopping spree. I have to pick up some things for my wonderful little home - maybe I should add some pictures of my place soon, eh?

Speaking of pictures, I have a few to share. A little mixed - some are new and some are old. Most of them, if not all, have been posted on facebook but since not everyone has a facebook profile, I will also post them here.

Per, Rie and Betina - Per's wife. I work with Per at Jættebo and one evening, he invited me out with him and some.... motorbikes! YAY! I love motorbikes and I totally want one! Next year!

"Hamster" is an old member of Jættebo - before I started working there. I ended up being his passenger for our little "trip" and I don't think I was all that irritating. Or so he says... maybe he's just being nice.

On our way. We ended up being 5 bikes driving together.

We stopped off at Jonna and Brian's place on our way to Juelsminde for a smoke break.

Shit picture of me but a good one of "Hamster". Here we are in Juelsminde drinking coffee and hanging out. Lots of "biker dudes" come out here - guess it's a good place to park and show off their bikes.

Per and me. We had fun and I hope we can do it again soon!

Before Lena took off for her summer vacation - USA with her husband - she came over for coffee. We just hung out and talked all evening. She helped me hang up my lights in my hallway and kitchen so thank you Lena - and Stan.... that's my toolbox ;)

Last week, Jonna (and her little girl) and I met up for a day of shopping and lunch at the park. I ALWAYS have a great time with her and her daughter is a cutie. I think Mathilde is going to be really cool when she gets older - she's already got a fantastic personality!

A fantastic personality and a good appetite!

Me at the park.

July 3, 2009

Posted by Rie On 5:57 PM
I am now relaxed and finished up everything here at home so I can update my blog - with pictures!! I got home last night from a camping trip to Sweden with work. 21 kids for 5 days can sure wipe one out! But it was a really good trip and I think I can safely say that everyone had a good time. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the campsite was perfect for our needs. The only 2 things that kinda sucked were all the bugs that came out at night and the fact that I didn't get to see much of Sweden. So I'll probably take another trip to Sweden sometime in the future, without kids and see more of the nature and whatever else Sweden has to offer.

On to the pictures!

Here we are in Grenå Harbour, waiting for the ferry. It took 5 hours to sail to Varberg in Sweden but for many of the kids, it was their first time on a ferry. I felt like an old pro!

Yeah, ok.... so I'm not normal. Had to entertain myself (and 21 kids) while we were waiting to board the ferry!

Dorte, one of my co-workers at Jættebo. She's amazing and I'm so glad she came with us to Sweden. She has crazy crazy crazy curly hair and the fresh breeze on the top deck of the ferry didn't help her keep control of her curls!

I knew the trip to Sweden was going to be long and hot so I just put on a headband and my funky glasses. Enjoying the fresh air on the ferry and goofing around with Dorte.

Varberg Harbour, Sweden. We had to wait for the bus to deboard and pick us up.

Jesper, one of our BBQ masters and one of my co-workers at Jættebo. When 21 kids are hungry, they get evil! Just kidding!

Our campsite. We had 10 tents with us for 25 people. The pool is just to the left.

Dinner time. Poul is our boss and knew what he was doing since him and Jesper have been on trips with kids lots of times.

Dorte is just so cool!

To celebrate Canada Day, my co-workers thought we should have a "Canada Day Cake eating" contest where everytime me or the 3 kids involved could answer a question about Canada, we could eat some of our cake. Needless to say, I KICKED ASS!

We took our 8 mountainbikes with us and they were well used during the trip. That's the bus that got us to Sweden. No air-conditioning and only 2 windows that could open. Try a trip in a heatwave - it wasn't all that much fun!

Group shot on the morning we left. Tired but happy kids.

It was super crazy with all the baggage! And that's only half of it!

I was bored on our trip back to Denmark.

The view from the ferry leaving Göteborg.

Goodbye Sweden!