August 4, 2016

Posted by Rie On 12:06 PM
Aug. 4, 2016

Holy shit Batman - lots has happened the past week. And the next few weeks are going to be fucking insane!

And I'm super excited!!

So..... I mentioned that I have a cat. Cooper. My hairy baby. I didn't mention that I'm not allowed to have cats where I live now. Even though the landlord usually looked the other way and pretended that he didn't see Cooper in the window, I knew there was the risk that someone would get pissy. Well, that time came. I got caught in the middle of a personal feud between two other tenants and a very long story short - I got a letter saying "Get rid of your cat in 10 days."

It took me 30 seconds to decide what I needed to do.

Goodbye my apartment after 8 years and on to the next chapter.

This was last Thursday, exactly one week ago. I was able to put in my moving notice before the first, which means I'm out latest Oct. 15. I sat on my couch Thursday evening, totally freaking out. Where the hell am I going to live? But everytime I started to despair, Cooper crawled up to me and with the risk of sounding totally cheesy, I knew that this was the right thing to do.

Cooper is a part of my family.

But now it all starts to snowball. I don't really believe in fate or stuff like that but.... I've been crazy lucky. Thursday night, I'm freaking out. Friday - I'm checking out a new place. It's a fucking dream apartment. Saturday - I get a buddy to check it out with me because it is seriously too good to be true. Sunday - my buddy and I decide to move in together in our dream home. Tuesday - we meet with the owners. Wednesday - I got the contract. Next week - I'm moving.

Holy shit!

The apartment is huge. And cheap. We will both get a home twice the size of what we're used to. We will both save money. It has a dishwasher, washing machine, balcony. Two living room areas. Dining room area. Two toilets. A good sized shower. 3 bedrooms. Sun all day. A garden. Busstop just outside my door. My friend lives next door. Cooper has a huge area to be in and two friends keeping him company if I'm not around for a few days.

And if it really sucks living with my buddy - I can afford to live there on my own if he moves out.

And to top everything off - I'm going to Amsterdam Sept. 1.