January 20, 2010

Posted by Rie On 9:30 AM
My life is fine, nothing there. The usual ups and downs but nothing that I can handle or control.

But... my friend/co-worker is going through hell and my heart breaks for her. Her little girl has been diagnosed with lymph-cancer (is it called that in English?) and will be starting chemo either today or tomorrow. She's 7 years old! We all got the news while having our daily meeting at work yesterday and I can honestly say that we really had to fake being happy in front of the kids. They don't really know what's going on, except that they ask on a daily basis where D is.

FUCK! (Yes Mormor and Bebba - I know you guys don't like it when I swear.) I'm just seriously pissed off at the world right now. How can that happen to such a great little girl and her family? It's so not fair for them. I can't even imagine what D is thinking and going through right now. And I can't do anything to fix it.

Not only is D my co-worker but she is also a great friend.

One day at a time, right?

January 13, 2010

Posted by Rie On 9:14 AM
I don't understand why I ALWAYS have a really hard time getting up in the mornng! It doesn't matter if I slept well or not, or if I slept for many hours or not.... I'm always struggling to get up in the mornings! Especially those days where I don't work until early afternoon and I don't have plans in the mornings with friends. It bugs me!

ARGH! My rant of the day!

Ok, it's a little after 9 am and I'm still pretty exhausted. I have to open in the one youth club, make food and entertain the few kids that show up. Then I have to run some errands downtown - going to buy some fabric because I have a sewing project in my head!! Then it's off to Nørup for another club evening with the kids. So.... I actually don't feel all that guilty for sleeping in since I won't be home until 11 pm anyways.

Nothing much new here. Work as usual. My scooter garage is on hold for the time being - it's all about the money which means we don't even know if we can ever open again. Seriously, that sucks! Not just for me and my financial situation but for the kids who came every Saturday afternoon - I think they really enjoyed being there and now it's gone (for now at least). I'm hoping to hear something very soon. I did go by there last Saturday for a couple of hours - without pay - just to keep the group somewhat together until we hear something more definite.

Other than that, nothing much happened this weekend. Went to Ikea - yay and woot woot to IKEA! Behaved myself but still got some cool stuff that I just absolutely needed. My apartment is getting there but it's definitely a work in progress. But then again, I'm not planning on moving for the next LONG time so I'm having fun with it as the time goes. I love my little home. It may be small and old but it's got character and it suits me perfectly. It's funny - Lise and I have the exact same apartments (she lives right next door) and even though we have the same taste in many things, our homes look completely different. She's got a super cool little apartment and I'm "stealing" inspiration from her all the time.

I have little over an hour left before I have to go so I'm going to log off, make coffee, listen to happy music and get ready for a long-ish day. So that is the end of my babble for now!

(But I have a feeling that it's going to be a good day!)

January 7, 2010

Posted by Rie On 12:20 AM
..... that I finally update my blog. I knew I was behind in "Rie posts" but I didn't realize that I was several months behind!! Crazy!! But I'm here and be prepared, I am ready to babble! And I'm including pictures! Yay and woot woot!

It's really hard to summarize what I've been doing for the past few months. When I got home to DK from my wonderful trip to my Canadian home, I drowned myself in work and tried to also have a somewhat social life. Work is good - I have now 4 jobs but I'm happy. I'm able to keep myself slightly sane, slightly busy and definitely entertained. I have 4 jobs because none of them are full time (37 hours weekly).... so I'm divide my time between different jobs. Three of them are with kids and youth clubs and the newest one is just for fun. I now work at one of the local bars here in Vejle and I have a blast doing so. I get to go out, hear music, see friends, meet new people, get some exercise (coat check with stairs!) and get paid doing so. Perfect for me at the moment.

Christmas 2009 was a quiet but definitely a nice evening. (Remember, us crazy Danes celebrate Christmas Eve - eat, drink and be merry in the evening with family/friends) I went over to Karin and Ernst's place in the afternoon and had a really good time. Jesper (my cousin) and Vibeke and their two kids celebrated Christmas with us - it's been a long time since I spent the holidays with toddlers. They are cuties! We ate good food, drank wine, pop and coffee, ate too much chocolate, danced around the tree and opened presents - merry christmas to all! It was a good time.

We got snow this Christmas! Yups - a freaking white Christmas! I don't really like the snow, unless I am skiing, but it hasn't been that bad. It's been really cold but also really pretty - good thing I can do the layers of clothing to keep myself warm enough to brave the 40 cm snow whenever I have to go outside. (But now we've had snow for 2-3 weeks and I'm tired of it. It can go away now). Heidi, one of my oldest friends here in DK treated me to a fun (cold) Sunday in Århus where we visited "Den Gamle By" (The old city). It was great seeing her again and lots of fun walking around, drinking coffee, taking pictures, seeing the sites and just hanging out.

Another fun day was one of the first snow days in DK, before Christmas holidays. Lise and I had so much snow in our courtyard (she's now my neighbour!) so we had to have a little fun. We made a snowman, snow angels, tossed around snowballs and basically goofed around like little kids - and froze our asses off. I know that I'm Canadian and should be used to snow BUT it's been a long time since I had a really cold winter. And I'm not used to it anymore! Hey, I was only barely 13 years old when we moved from Alberta to the Island!

I turned 30 this year... well, technically it was last year since it's now 2010. But yups, I hit the big 3-0! It didn't hurt too much and I figure, I don't feel old (normally) and I don't look old so it's just a number and that's it. I celebrated my birthday in style and had a good evening with good friends. I didn't want to make it into a big deal so it wasn't a formal birthday party - just friends, loud music, food and drinks. I think I can say for all of us that we had fun. I even wore a dress!! (Just to live it up a little!)

Yes, I'm still babbling.....

I've been doing random things with friends and family between shifts at the different clubs and at the pub. Dorte turned 40 on Hallowe'en so we celebrated her with style and had a good time. It was nice seeing Anne again and it's always fun hanging out with Dorte!

Frederik came and visited us in DK in October and I was also able to spend an evening with him, his wife Nicole and our friend Heidi. We even found time to visit the youth club in Nørup - Frede used to be our DJ before he took off to LA so we couldn't resist taking a group photo, for old times sake.

Just a picture from work - a Net party with the youthclub. I was exhausted and was having a hard time keeping myself awake!

What else is new?? New Years Eve was spent working at the pub (www.tartanpub.dk) and that was fun. I spent the xmas holidays relaxing, sleeping in, hanging out with friends, working at the pub and youth parties and just basically finding my energy and spending my energy having fun.

Now that all the Christmas parties are done and life is getting back to normal, I'm trying to get my shit together again with work and stuff. I have the usual New Year goals for my life and will take it all one step at a time but I'll keep you posted on how things go. I promise, it won't go several months again before I update my blog. And I have lots more to write about but it's 1am and I'm tired. It's bedtime for me!

Welcome to 2010!