November 28, 2008

Posted by Rie On 11:35 AM
Ok, not exactly weekend for me just yet. I work Saturdays so I still have today and tomorrow to think about. Puha!

Life is ok here. Nice and quiet - greatly appreciated. Honestly, I haven't done anything other than relax, watch tv, sleep and eat. I was off work Tuesday and Wednesday and instead of using my time wisely (cleaning, paperwork, etc), I did NOTHING. Seriously. I now have a guilty feeling of being lazy but then again, after these last few months where everything has been going at lightspeed, I figured a couple of days with NOTHING was allowed.

So tonight will be a quiet evening here at home since I'm behind with all my small (and larger) projects and also because I'm working tomorrow at the garage. I only have 4 hours at work today so I can't complain. Groceries and paperwork are my main priorities tonight.

My health is better. No more kidney pains or fevers. Just a little cold but that's slowly going away again. Everyone here in DK is sick with a nasty cold or whatever..... so I'm drowning myself in tea and NeoCitron.

Wow, this has been a very boring post. I have nothing to write about. MEH.

November 18, 2008

Posted by Rie On 7:26 PM
It's amazing what happens when one doesn't have a tv. I mean, I've been horrible at updating my blog the last few months and then when my tv dies - I'm here all the time!

I just finished "dinner" (I need meat soon!) and am taking a break from unpacking and organizing and since I don't have a tv, I thought I'd blog a bit. Not because I have much to write about other than moving and my health. I'm still surrounded by boxes but every little bit helps. It'll take some days before I'm settled and knowing me, I'll be rearranging for several months to come but one day at a time. I'm feeling better - not great but definitely better. Still taking painkillers and antibiotics but I don't have a fever today so that's a good sign. Trying to drink lots of water and tea so I can just pee all the bad stuff out of me! And sleep... which is probably why my apartment doesn't look like much yet.

Have I yet mentioned how much I love my little place? I really love my place and know that it'll be a perfect home for me when everything calms down. I can't wait until I can drink my coffee at the table, paint and do artsy stuff in the craft corner and just relax on my couch watching tv. Simple things like that in life are good. And very much needed.

Back to packing. And studying for my "little" test tomorrow.

November 15, 2008

Posted by Rie On 6:43 PM
I'm on some fun painkillers right now so if I babble, I blame the drugs ;)

Right now, I'm sitting on my couch in my new home, looking at all the boxes and really don't know where to start. So I decided to write my first blog post in my new home and just take it easy right now.

These last couple of days have been hell and honestly, if I didn't have good friends to lean on, I don't know where I'd be right now. Probably passed out because of pain and misery! Thursday night, when I was on my way to bed, I felt a sharp pain in my side and a sudden urge to pee.... to make a long story short, I ended up curled up in a little ball on the floor of my bathroom and was ready to die. I didn't sleep at all Thursday night and the pain was getting worse and worse. So I called my doctor Friday morning and got an appointment for the afternoon... BUT, my friend was getting married Friday so I somehow got my ass downtown to witness her wedding and then was taken care of two other friends. Tine gave me some painkillers to help me make it through the day until I had my appointment and her and AK pretty much took care of me.

I go to the doctors, pee in a cup and was checked out and she decided that I am probably having problems with kidney stones. She prescribed some extra painkillers and said that I should call on Monday. But after she had poked me, I was in serious pain... After that, things are a little blurry. We make it down to the drugstore and then Tine and AK put me in a cab home. I don't really remember much - I passed out and woke up when Jonna called me. She ended up driving out to pick me up and took me back to her and Brian's place so I wasn't alone. By then, the painkillers were kicking in and I was actually ok. I slept on their couch - a very nice couch! - with a dog and cat and a toilet nearby. Unfortunatly for Jonna and Brian, their youngest girl ended up having a rough night with vomit so they didn't sleep much at all.

We ate breakfast together and I chowed down on more painkillers... because I had to move today. Jonna and I jump in her car, picked up a trailer from work and got right to work. Anders came and helped out too and we quickly got all the stuff moved from work. But because I was not doing good yesterday and have been super busy with work all last week, I wasn't able to pack my stuff until today.... so while I was throwing things in boxes, baskets and bags, Jonna and Anders were going up and down the stairs putting things in the trailer. A FREAKING NIGHTMARE.

But we got almost everything moved and now I'm here. I am not going to work tonight, even though I'm feeling no pain now - yay for painkillers! - but I didn't want to risk being stuck out there in Jelling if things got worse and luckily my co-workers are very understanding and great people. But I'm here in my home now and listening to my toilet run.... lots of water so I'll have to call the landlord Monday morning. I already called him and left a message but I doubt he'll call me back this weekend.

So, thank you to Tine and AK for being there for me yesterday in my time of pain. And thank you to Jonna and Brian for babysitting me last night and for helping me move. Thank you to Anders for helping me move too. Congrats to Lise and Michael - she turned 25 yesterday and they got married.

Now I'm going to start unpacking...

November 10, 2008

Posted by Rie On 11:19 PM in my temporary apartment. YAY ME!

Yes, I'm all giddy with excitement about moving. I hope to get the key on Friday and then be able to at least move all my junk from work into my new home. Then go to a special party (will explain that one after the weekend) and then maybe - hopefully - sleep in my new home. But I doubt it. I have a feeling that I will have to wait until Saturday night to have my first sleep in a real bed since my time is limited on Friday. BUT - Saturday, I'm taking the day off work and I have the entire day to at least make it possible to SLEEP IN A REAL BED when I get home from work Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Did that make any sense? Probably not.... I haven't slept in a real bed for the last few months and my body is screaming for a bed. The mattress thing isn't fun anymore. I'm too old for that shit. So I took the day off work from the "garage" but, I have to work that night at the drunken youth party so it'll be late before I'm home. So Sunday will most likely be spent unpacking, rearranging and just enjoying my new home. If I get my ass out of my REAL BED!

Ok, I'm crazy. But what the hell do you expect since I was dying of boredom at work this evening and need to let some of my craziness out. And seriously, if you know me, you wouldn't be suprised of my rambling and babbling. Yes, I tend to ramble. And sometimes even babble.

Nothing else here is super interesting to write about. Well... I did have a birthday last week. I'm fucking 29 years old. ALMOST 30! Fuck. But then again, I don't feel almost 30. Only in the mornings when I wake up and my body is sore from sleeping on a sad mattress. Anyways, yeah, I turned 29 last Wednesday. I had a good day with lots of bday wishes from around the world. I felt loved. People still mistake me for being a youthful teenager so it's all good. Besides my body starting to sag - damn the big boobs - I must still look like a young girl. Not someone who is almost 30. Doesn't matter - it's just a number. Not really a big deal, right?

So, this is the end of my babbling session for today. You can blame my cousin Steen - he reminded me that some people actually do read this blog and that I suck at updating it lately. HEJ STEEN! Life in DK is good. The family is good... according to Karin. Life in Canada is good... as far as I know. I got stood up yesterday with the weekly skype chat with the parental units. I guess they had better things to do ;) Tee hee. Yes, I know Mom was busy doing girly stuff and dad had to work so I'm not completely devastated. I'll survive. I had a good evening so everything is all good.