October 23, 2008

Posted by Rie On 10:53 PM
This is probably going to end up being more of a babbling session instead of being about a specific topic - now you're warned ;)

Life here in little DK and little Vejle is good. Busy to the EXTREME regarding work but fuck it, I love my job. Actually I should say jobs. For the first time since I got out of highschool, I found IT regarding careers. (Yes, I know I talk a lot about my work and yes, I do have a life outside of work). I always used to be jealous of those who just knew what they wanted to do and loved their jobs and now I'm that person. Sure, I bitch about long shifts and stuff like that. I moan and groan when I have to crawl out of bed and go to work. BUT when I get there, I love it.

And I am damn good at it!

Enough of that. What else have I be doing? Just trying to relax at home or with friends. Nothing really including huge amounts of alcohol or hardcore partying - just hanging out and having a good time. I have a good friend coming over Saturday and when we're together, we always have a great time. Don't exactly know what our plans are yet but either way, I know for sure that it's going to be great seeing her again.

Family is good. From what I hear, Chris and Kim are busy living their lives in Calgary. Busy with work and school... actually, I really don't know what they are up to but I hear that all is good over there. Mom and dad have finally sold the Sooke house and are living closer to town. Closer to all the action! They seem happy enough for their new home and I can't wait to see it. I know I didn't live in the Sooke house for many years but I will miss that place. It'll be super wierd not having to drive ALL the way out to Sooke and not having my old bedroom.... ok, I haven't had my old bedroom in years but you know what I mean... Anyways , it'll be so cool to see their new home and see what things are like there. As long as I have a couch to crash on, then I'm happy. Or I'll just take the boat.

Tja... what else can I write about. I'm moving into my real home Nov. 15th and I'm so ready. My little temporary home is nice and definitely better than couch-hopping but.... it's not home. I have a sad mattress to sleep on and I have no table. But I can cook, sleep, smoke and shit so it's all good. I have my computer and my internet. I can lock the door and ignore people. I don't think my heater works so I'm freezing my ass off but I'll survive for now.

That's about it for now. I'm going to read my book and then crash for the night. Work tomorrow - work Saturday and guess what?? Work on Sunday too. Good thing I love coffee or else I think I'd crumble.

October 12, 2008

Posted by Rie On 8:43 PM
Picture time! Now that I finally have internet and some quiet time here at home, I decided to add some pictures of what I've been doing lately. Most of you readers can see them on facebook so this is mainly for my grandparents to see. (I assume they read this blog every now and then...)

Anyways, in random order: The life of Rie!

Singstar girls night at Jannie's place. Notice the sweatpants, bad hair and scoobydoo socks. Not the sexiest picture of me but we were just having a fun night!

Gokarts with the youthclub. My first time ever really driving a gokart and we definitely had some fun!

Me and one of my "kids". I look very badass - eh?

Fake nails before they were filed down to a normal length.

Jannie and Rie. Another girl's night out - this time with drinking involved.

Rie and Jannie - a costume party (movie character theme). Another badass picture.

At Jannie's bday party. Not a flattering shot but I looked damn good! (when I was standing up!)

Tired Rie after a night out at the bars.

So, other than work and sleep, I've been hanging out with the girls and having a good time. Tonight (Sunday) is my quiet night here at home and I'm loving it. I have some paperwork to do but maybe I'll wait until tomorrow since I have the evening off. Maybe I'll just put on a movie and relax. Sounds like a good plan, eh?

October 4, 2008

Posted by Rie On 9:39 AM
It is completely crazy how dependent one gets of the internet! I mean, I haven't had access to the net at home for the last month and it was driving me crazy! I could easily live without my television but without the internet/computer?? Nope. Not a chance. So I forked out some money and got this really cool connection that's fast enough for my needs (as far as I can tell so far) and it's very portable. It's just a usb key thing that I stick in my computer and wham! Internet!

Yes, that is my giddy news for the day. And yes, I am fully aware that I am a geek. But a huge deal of my life revolves around my computer - the connection to my family and friends in Canada plus many friends here in DK. My work. My gossip. My entertainment.

Ok, so I'm prettty much on my way out the door. I have to work at the "garage" - tee hee, can anyone see me as a mechanic? LOL! It's makes me laugh every time!

Have a great weekend! I'll be "seeing" more of you know that I'm online. And pictures will soon come once I find the usb thingy I use to transfer pictures from the digi to the computer. It's around here somewhere.....

October 2, 2008

Posted by Rie On 5:50 PM
It's actually quiet here at work. The kids are gone, my co-worker is out grocery shopping and I'm here all alone. Peace and quiet. It won't be long before the older kids (teenagers) come so I better use my time wisely.

I'm doing alright. I am now living in my temporary apartment until Nov. 15 and it's actually ok. I have my own place - my own bed, kitchen and bathroom. All I really miss is a table to sit at and internet to play with. But I'm hardly ever home anyways so it's all good for now.

Work is good. Lots of kids during the day, not so many in the evenings. Started back in Nørup yesterday and it was nice being back on familiar grounds. Started work on the new project at a completely different club so I definitely have enough to see to. But I like what I do.

Social life is also going pretty good. I spend time with my friends but am also meeting new people, which is always fun. Last weekend, Jannie had a party (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!) and that was fun. Pictures have been posted on facebook - since I don't have internet access, it's kinda hard for me to keep track of all the photos. This Saturday will be slightly crazy - work at 10am, meet up with Dorte at 2pm and then meet up with Jannie to go to Århus in the evening. We are going to a heavy metal concert!! Not exactly Jannie's type of music but I'm happy. I'm not really sure what the plan is afterwards... maybe we'll meet up with others at the bars, maybe not.

So.... things are good here. Busy as all hell and my arms/wrists are paying for it. Doctor says I have tendi.... I have no idea how to spell it. My tendens are infected.... Either way, it's hurts and it's a huge hassle right now.

Co-worker is back, gotta run! Love you all!