November 24, 2014

Posted by Rie On 12:25 PM
I'm tired. But not more tired than I usually am on Mondays. Weekends are tough and I should seriously start acting my age. But then again, I don't do anything that I'm embarrassed over. And just because I'm 35, doesn't mean that I can't go out and have some fun, right?

I don't think everyone would agree. But fuck them. I will take the tired Mondays for now and enjoy my weekends. But I will be cutting back on the night-off-lets-go-out evenings and focus more on my school. I have 7 months left and then I'll be done.

Fucking 7 months. I have massive amounts of studying to focus on.

So it'll mean that I will cut back on the partying. I will keep working so I will still be around in the environment but I can luckily have fun and party without drinking so that will be cut out. I have one big party to attend next weekend - our yearly Christmas party for the bar job and then one in a couple of weeks with my youthclub job. But other than that, no more party plans. Not even for NYE - I'm working that night so I'll be partying - without partying.

Wow, it sounds like my life focus is drinking and parties. Trust me, it's not.

I'm working late tonight at the youth club. Maybe I'll walk home tonight -- get some exercise and fresh air.

Gotta cut this one short - have to get ready for work.

November 20, 2014

Posted by Rie On 2:07 PM
Holy fuck, it's been way too long since I've been here.

Why? I don't know.... you know, time flies, busy with the real world and probably also laziness..

Why am I back now? I like to write. I liked having a blog, where I can just type freely and knowing that maybe someone will read this. Someone might nod their head in agreement or just shrug their shoulders. Or maybe I'll piss someone off. Who knows. I just hope that those who have read my blog in the past haven't fully given up on me and will slowly return and become a part of my online-life.

So what have I been doing since the last time I posted? Everything. Nothing. It's kinda a blur. And not in the hazy-drunken-stoned blur. Seriously - things have just happened and the days have just passed and before I knew it, a year had gone by.

It's kinda depressing. A year has past and I don't really have much to write about. But then again, I do - but what do I want to share with the world? What does the world want to know?

Maybe I should just start over again. Consider this a new blog - just with previous entries - and let the past be the past. Why wait until New Years Eve for the huge starting-over list?

Hi. My name is Rie. This is my blog. It'll be an ego blog since it will mainly be about ME. MY life. MY thoughts. MY opinions. Me me me me and more me.

I was once at a team-building camp thingy. One of the activities was a 2 minute interview/presentation of me. Of course, we all did the "Hello, my name is Blah. I am Blah years old. I work at Blah. I like to do Blah." Afterwards, the teacher dude said that it was all fine and dandy what our names were and how old we are but it didn't really give any insight on who we were. He didn't have anything spectacular and original to base any opinions on us, so we were all just kinda.... Blah.

So lets try something different....

My dining room table is a mess - I have 4 school books on digital media, identity and inclusion. I have my ipad where I will soon check up on my stupid Hay Day farm. I have a pot of coffee that is cold and gross. Hairspray from this morning - ran around like crazy looking for that. My plate (empty) from a late night study snack last night. En empty pop bottle. (Also late night drink). Post-its and my exam paper printed out. Oh - and there's a perfume bottle behind the coffee pot.

What's in my purse?

It's not a little purse - it's a tote bag with a canadian flag on it. I've had it for many years, the first thing I ever bought here in Denmark. (So, like 17 years ago) I have my brown soft letter wallet, several pens and highlighters. (Do I really need that many with me every day?) I have my notebook that I use for work at the youth club and for school. I have a couple drink recipes that I want to try out on Friday at work (at the bar). A tampon and chapstick. More hairspray. One sock. (must find matching sock) A hat. My usb stick pin thing.

What am I wearing today?

Baggy-ish light blue jeans. Black tennis socks - that don't 100% match. A striped black and grey long tank. A dark blue short armed top that is slightly baggy and a black cardigan. I just took off my shoes - Nike Air in black. My hair is sticking up on the one side - no matter what I do right now, it won't cooperate with me. I have my glasses on and simple stud earrings.

Does that give a better idea of who I am? I'm slightly messy, on the run. Drink too much coffee and hate to clean. I have lots of school work to do but enjoy some quiet time playing Hay Day. I work at a bar during the weekends mixing drinks. I work at a youth club. Wear glasses, perfume and chapstick. I just finished writing one exam paper last night and will defend it next week. A Canadian living in Denmark.

Hi, my name is Rie.

This is my blog and I'm slightly crazy. I love to take pictures of my life and you can follow me on instagram - AVNG79. I love to just babble and ramble. A constant whirlwind of thoughts and I can't type fast enough. And trust me, I can type fast - especially in English. I say fuck, shit and crap way too much. I'm a 80's/90's girl - the music and fashion. I'm not very modern. And not very dressy. I do jeans and sweatshirts during the weekdays and then I have my kilt and push-up bra and tank top during the weekends while I'm working. (Wow, that sounded like I work at a Hooters type bar. Nope - I just have big boobs and I don't want them to hang.)

A normal day for me - Wake up and grumble. I hate mornings. I will NEVER be a morning person. Luckily for me, I don't have to work that early. I have coffee and check my facebook, instagram, emails and hay day. Candy crush if I have some extra time. I then shower, get dressed, grumble about my hair (even though I do love my short hair, it's often times a hassle) and then drink more coffee while I gather my shit together. Bus it to work, grab some coffee and then work with kids and teachers until I leave for the youth club. Work some more and then I go home. I have a bad habit of crashing on the couch, which often times leads to a nap. I can't power nap. I sleep. Then I find something to eat, check hay day and then it's school work. If it's a Friday, I go to work at the bar all night. If it's a weekday, I go to bed around midnight-ish. Get up to pee at least once during the night.

I should consider cleaning my place up now before I take off to work. Thursdays are cool - work in the afternoon/evening. Had brunch with a friend after I handed in my exam paper. I kinda regret not taking a nap after brunch and before work but I decided that my blog was more interesting.

Hi, my name is Rie and this is my blog.