March 23, 2012

Posted by Rie On 11:12 AM
This is BIG news!

My dad is in Denmark for the next 2 months and it's been great so far!

He came Wednesday, just before lunch. I think he had a long but good trip. As good as it gets considering he was on the "road" for almost 24 hours. We were a small group waiting for him at Billund airport - me, his 2 sisters and their husbands and an old friend with his wife. We were all really excited! It's 11 years ago since Dad was here last. I was "home" in Canada last summer but this is huge, seeing dad on "my territory".

We haven't been doing much the last couple of days. He was tired after such a long trip so we've been laying low and he's been regaining his energy. It was his birthday yesterday. We went for a long walk, the sun was shining and it was a good day. Dinner out and then a beer at the Pub. Nothing crazy. Just a good time hanging out and doing our own thing.

He's out with his friend now so I have my place to myself. Getting papers sorted out for my application to uni. I have to work today and then we'll see what happens tonight. We don't have any plans really until Monday so I have no idea what we'll end up doing this weekend. I just know that I don't have to work at the Pub.

I'm running again. Have to do an online course before I run off to work.

March 11, 2012

Posted by Rie On 12:00 AM
It's a Saturday night and instead of being out with my friends like I had originally planned, I'm here at home. Alone. MEH! So be prepared for a post of bitchiness and pity me just a bit. I promise that I'll post something a bit more cheerful tomorrow or Monday morning but for now, all you get is bitch and meh.

I've been busy. Way too busy with work and I guess I'm paying for it now. Fever, sore muscles, sore throat and a head that's almost too heavy to hold up. I was feeling fine last night while I was at work. Dancing, flirty and smiling - spreading happiness and fun vibes to everyone who was out at the Pub last night. I was rocking it last night and had a freaking blast. But when I got home after breakfast at 7am, I was exhausted. Pretty normal since I was out all night so I just went to bed... and slept. Really slept. I didn't stir until my phone rang at 2pm and I was still pretty groggy. Groggy enough that I went back to bed at 5pm and didn't wake up until the phone rang again at 7pm.

Still groggy. I feel like I've been out running a freaking marathon or something. Everything aches.

So I bailed on the party and have come to terms that, yes, I am getting sick. ARGH!!

I had so many plans for this weekend. Fun, work, fun and more work. I don't have time to be sick!

Now I'm pissed off. I have all these plans in my head - and a long list of things-to-do hanging on my fridge but I have absolutely no energy. I wanted to paint my table. I wanted to write a happy post here with pictures. I wanted to go out and be on the OTHER side of the bar. I wanted to write my application for uni. I wanted to clean and tidy up my little home. I wanted to go for a bike ride out in the almost-spring weather.


(Wow - it's amazing how much I can write about not feeling well. Kind of like old ladies who can spend an entire afternoon comparing aches and pains. Well, I do feel kind of old right now....)

I'm leaving you again. Yes, I haven't forgotten about my blog - I actually miss posting so I promise to be back again very soon. With pictures. And happy thoughts. But for now, me and my feverish achy body is going back to bed.

Sickness - fuck you!