September 22, 2007

Posted by Rie On 8:01 PM
Me and some old friends went out for drinks one Friday while I was home for my visit and here are the pictures. I have known Glenda, Nathan, Lance and Dan (and Dan's brother - we met up with him later) for many years and it was nice seeing them all again. I know I look like a total alcoholic but trust me, we all knew our limits and we all behaved ourselves. But we sure had fun and partied like the old times! Here are the pictures, again in random order.

PS. One thing did seriously suck that evening... my dear friend Dee couldn't make it and I missed her terribly!

Nathan is NOT sober in this picture.

Thanks to Lance, I found out I like rye and ginger-ale!

Nathan with a big beer in front of him. Nathan and I both used to live in Sooke and have spent many hours going for walks (sneaking smokes) and just hanging out. He's a great guy!

Me and Dan... we have a history together and I'm really glad that we can still talk and get along great. We hung out with his older brother after the bar closed and it was great seeing Mid again!

Rie enjoying her drinks!

Rie and Glenda - Glenda is pregnant so she was drinking non-alcoholic beverages all night and it was great seeing her again and I'm surprised she stayed out all night with us! Surprised but very happy that she did!

Rie and Lance. I haven't seen Lance in quite a few years and we still get along great. He's a dear friend and I hope he finds his way to Europe soon! Lance, remember our plans when we turn 50!

Lance is the MAN!

Group Shot - Glenda, Nathan, Lance, Rie, Dan and our bartender - Shawn (I think that was him name but either way, he was a really nice guy!)

It's a quiet Saturday night here in DK. I just ate leftovers from last night and I'm starting to feel better again. I think I was hit with the flu or whatever but it's over again and I'm ready to take over the world on Monday. I don't know what my exact plans are for tonight but it probably involves dishes, painting and the tv. I should probably just take it easy this weekend since I'm working every day and every evening next week plus a big bday party to attend on Saturday.

September 19, 2007

Posted by Rie On 2:31 PM
I did say that we took so many good pictures from my trip, didn't it?

Ok, so here are some more, pictures of time spent outside.... We were lucky with the weather and the sun was shining most of time.

(in random order...)

Jaime and Rie - goofing around and having a good time!

Chris is being "attacked" by Alli's dog, Jack. He'll lick you until you bleed!

Group shot - Mormor, Soren, Peter and Gaby.

HAHAHA, I just love this picture. We (mom, dad, JC, Rie, dogs and cat) slept in this huge tent for several nights and Spencer got curious when Mormor and Bebba decided that we had slept in long enough one morning.

JC, Mormor and Jake.... Mormor is either short or the boys are tall.

How about we say that the boys are tall and us girls are normal? Jaime, Mormor and Rie.

Group shot - Mormor with her grandchildren. Too bad Peter and Cydney wasn't there! (Mormor, I think you're right, we are the same height....)

We got a picture of my brother not making any faces!

My mom out in the sunshine.

Jaime, Mom, Stritte, Rie and Mormor. I think Jaime and Stritte were comparing the size of their bums...

Soren and Bebba having a "serious" talk.

Peter and Gaby

Group shot - almost the entire family! Mom, Mormor, Greg, Stritte, Bebba, Jake, Jaime, Dad, Chris with Spencer and Rie. (I know I look funny!!)

Yes, I still have loads of great pictures and they are all slowly making their way up on my blog!

September 15, 2007

Posted by Rie On 1:08 PM
One of the days during my trip home, us girls (Mom, Mormor, Alli and me) went downtown to look around Chinatown, Market Square etc. The weather was gorgeous and we even did some shopping! Here are some of the pictures in random order...

There are several small "pathways" in the Chinatown area where there are small stores hidden in the back.

This is in front of a silly gag store on... Johnston St. I think. It's a store with funny t-shirts, mugs and just a bunch of goofy stuff. We saw a t-shirt hanging in the window that was just hilarious so we had to go in there to look.

Alli in Fantan Alley in Chinatown. Lots of small funky stores.

Rie is a true tourist!

We stopped to have coffee in this little cafe.

I don't know what's going on in this picture but Mom looks like she's having a good time!

The traditional tourist picture - The Chinatown Gates.

Ok, we're not normal but we like that! My Mormor had this thing of taking pictures of us from behind - aka Bum Pictures. So we gave her a bum picture!

Things here in Vejle are ok. I've just been working and taking it easy here at home. The next few weekends will be busy with youth parties, bday parties and family stuff so I spent last night just relaxing and doing things around here after I got home from dinner with Tine. We met up in town after work yesterday and had a quiet dinner at the local cafe and then just walked around and talked. I have a family bbq tomorrow so I'm not sure if I'll make it on for my usual Sunday Skype session.

Right now, I want to put on some loud music and get some things done here. Get my place cleaned up and looking good again!

September 12, 2007

Posted by Rie On 5:30 PM
Here are some more pictures of my Canada 2007 trip. As most of you know, my parents have a boat docked in Cowichan Bay and of course we took a drive up there so my grandparents could have a look. Plus we went to Chemanus and saw a musical - my first time seeing a musical and I must admit, I enjoyed it. That day, the weather was just gorgeous and we got some really good pictures.

I just love the view from the top of the Malahat. You don't see that in Denmark!

JC, Mormor, Dad and Rie - we look like tourists and I guess most of us are considered tourists in Beautiful BC.

Bebba enjoyed the view from Dad's truck.

JC, Mormor and Mom.

I'm playing with a very old typewriter.

Mom is checking out all the small funky stores at the Whippletree Junction.

JC trying to look like he doesn't care that I'm taking a picture of him.

Bebba and Mormor!

JC, Mom and Bebba - we're on our way after window shopping in Chemanus to the see the musical.

Dad and Bebba went to see the boat the day before and there was just enough wind for a little trip. Dad always looks happy when he's on his boat!

The marina is "Cow Bay" is a lot nicer than Goldstream and well worth the drive up there.

Here's the family - Marmora , Sooke, Calgary and Vejle. The best fish and chips is in Cowichan Bay at the Rock Cod Cafe!

I have to cut this short - I have to help another youth club out tonight so I'm going to work soon. Lise just walked in the door and I should get ready. Hope everything is going well for all you guys and I'll be back again soon with lots more pictures! Love you all!

September 9, 2007

Posted by Rie On 9:02 PM
I spent half the night last night going through the 1000+ pictures from my trip to Canada this year. I'm not even kidding, between the four of us (Mom, Mormor, Bebba and Me), we took over 1000 pictures. I have so many great pictures of us that I want to share but that will have to come in small portions and here we go with the first set of pictures.

I just want to say that I had a great trip home and it was just wonderful seeing the family again. I think I can safely say, we all had a really good time - drinking coffee or tea, eating way too much food, suduko and logic problems, cuddling with the puppies and basically just hanging out and getting to know each other.

This is The Chair post. I'm sure my family will understand! The Chair in my parent's kitchen/dining room was well used and I thought it was my dad's chair... I don't think so anymore and these pictures should explain what I mean.

JC and Soren in the chair. And Charlie.

JC in the chair. And Charlie.

My cousin Jake in the chair. And Charlie.

My aunt's husband Greg in the chair. And Charlie.

My mormor in the chair. And Charlie.

Me in the chair. And Charlie.

Greg and my aunt Stritte in the chair. And Charlie.

Mormor in the chair. And Charlie.

My dad in the chair. And Charlie.

You see, I always thought it was my dad's chair but it's actually not. It's CHARLIE'S chair and she was kind enough to let the rest of the family use it while we were there. As long as someone scratched her belly when she was in the mood to cuddle.

For some odd reason, I just love this picture. Mormor and I are having a good talk and dad is taking the opportunity to take a nap - in The Chair. I'm sure Charlie is there too!