January 26, 2011

Posted by Rie On 10:04 AM
Crazy. This past weekend was just nuts! In a good way - super fun with good friends. Lots of laughs - lots of stupid events - lots of childish behavior - dancing - gossiping.... it's one of those weekends that will be talked about for a long time now.

Friday, after work, I met up with a friend from Tartan - Christina. We went to Tartan and had a blast with our friends at work and those who were just there. It was a late night but I was still able to get up early-ish Saturday and meet up with some more friends.

Rie and Christina at Tartan Pub.

Sabine and Rie at Tartan Pub.

Rie being a true ninja!

I am a part of our "social event ministry" at Tartan and we had arranged a Games event, playing Tekken. Not that many showed up but it was still lots of fun - just laughing, drinking coffee and having loads of fun. We all went out for dinner and then made plans for meeting up later on in the evening.

Games event - Tekken - winner and loser.

Saturday evening/night was also a blast - I met up with Ane and the rest of the gang after I was able to sleep for an hour. It was one of our bartender/DJ last shift and after almost 11 years working there, a good night was in order. Many of those who work there came by and it turned into another late night. Very late. I was one of the first to go home (7am-ish?) but wasn't allowed to sleep that long.....

Ane and Rie - a big beer and a ninja.

Ane and Rie at Tartan Pub.

A few of my co-workers decided to show up at my place with breakfast. I woke up to them pounding on my door at around 9am. So we ate breakfast. And then they wrestled. Yes... they are weird but super fun. And super childish.

The people I work with brought breakfast - Opel and Madsen.

They are NOT normal. Sabine, Madsen, Christina and Opel.

WWF in my living room. They were kind enough to leave me out of that and let me enjoy my breakfast.

And now they are quiet.
I spent my Sunday just relaxing, working on my puzzle and talked to my parents on Skype. I had the day off work Monday, so I was able to sleep in and get some things done here at home. But now I'm back in the world of child-care and will leave the partying and whatnot to those who have more energy than me. I had a super fun December/January party months but now it's back to normal. I will still take the shifts I can get at Tartan but the actual partying will be kept at a low for the next little while.

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