August 2, 2009

Posted by Rie On 2:04 PM
Hey guys! Coffee, music, smokes and a computer - that's my Sunday. The last day before I start work again and my plans are very simple. Relax, putter around here at home and just be alone.

Just so you guys are warned, I might end up babbling in this post - I'm in that kind of mood. My brain is mushy after the last few days but I wanted to write a summer vacation post before I hit reality tomorrow. Not that reality sucks - I'm actually glad that I'm starting work again. Four weeks is a long time so I'm ready after my long vacation.

This summer has been different than past summers... Last year, after Bulgaria, I had to deal with a break-up and moving. This time, I got to relax and fully enjoy a summer here in Denmark. No real travelling - hoping that will come at a later date this year - no moving, no breakups, no major issues that causes pain and sadness.... Just a "normal" summer vacation in sunny DK. Well, that part sucked. The weather hasn't been all summer-like at all. Poo on that. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that I finally had a "stress-free" summer where I could relax, do my own thing and enjoy my time off work. And it was fun.

I visited some old friends who don't live in Vejle - Heidi in Horsens and Arma in Kolding. Shopping, talking, eating, coffee and lots of laughs. Since my work hours are quite different than "normal", I don't get to see some of my friends as often as I would like so it was great being able to catch up with them again.

Rie and Heidi - shopping trip in Århus.

Heidi - summer 2009 in Århus

Rie - summer 2009 in Århus

Another MC trip with my co-worker last week where we went to Juelsminde and ate pizza and drank coffee. And yes, I still LOVE being on a motorbike and seriously would love to get one - In the future as it's not possible just yet. The weather was great and we were able to sit outside all evening, enjoying the view and just having a good time.

Motorbikes - Juelsminde Harbour


We had a good time just hanging out.

Love that view!

A boat named after my mom!

Coffee and smokes in Juelsminde - summer 2009

The last few days of my vacation was spent working at Langelands festival and that was so much fun! Do you guys remember that I used to work at a nightclub/bar here in Vejle a few years ago? Well, my old boss contacted me via facebook a couple of months ago and asked if I would work with him again, this time at a festival on Langeland. Langeland is a tiny island (a bridge goes from Fyn to Langeland) south of Fyn and since I didn't have any plans and I was still on vacation, I said sure. Why not?

So my friend Rasmus and I packed up a tent, sleeping bags and drove down to Langeland Wednesday morning and had a great time. We worked everyday as bartenders, serving beer, drinks and shots to happy festival guests. We were able to dance around, listen to music - many concerts and since our "cuba trailer" was pretty much right in front of the huge stage, we were able to work and still see all the concerts. When we weren't working, we hung around the trailer, drinking and having fun with all the new people we met throughout the festival. We made some new friends and have already planned to meet up sometime here in Vejle. The festival officially ended Saturday night but we drove back to Vejle after our shift Saturday evening since I have to start work again Monday - I needed to get some sleep and find my energy again so I was ready Monday morning. My body is killing me and my brain is mushy. I'm walking like I shit myself because my legs and feet are so sore after standing up all day and all night for the past 4 days. We didn't sleep more than maybe 4 hours pr. night and trust me, I conked out Saturday night in my own bed. BUT - IT WAS WORTH IT!

People were getting ready to hear some music. I think around 20,000 came to Langeland - a little smaller than Jelling festival. A great festival for families since there was lots of activities for children.

It was so freaking windy the first two days. That's our tent and yes, it survived. But we didn't get any sleep at all!

Rasmus with a huge hotdog. We didn't have to live off of hotdogs and burgers the entire festival. Part of our "paycheck", besides a free ticket, was also free food.

Rasmus with two of the "shot ladies".

We could see the stage from our bar.

Rasmus enjoying the festival.

Now I'm home and almost well-rested. Well, not really but that's why I'm playing hermit today and am ignoring my phone. Starting up work again after 4 weeks can be hard so I really need a day away from everything to gather my thoughts and energy. Get some laundry done and basically just relax.

Enough of my babbling - I need more coffee and get some things done here at home before I throw myself on the couch and zone out for the rest of the day.