September 29, 2011

Posted by Rie On 1:05 PM
I love Thursdays. I can sleep in, wake up at a slow pace, make coffee, surf the net, eat breakfast and basically have time to myself until I get picked up at 1:20pm. And that's exactly what I did today - and I even added at-home-exercise to the list. (I picked up one of those huge exercise balls and tried working with it today. I  realized something.... I'm a klutz and my balance sucks. But it was fun and I'm not ready to give up just yet.)

Anyways - I'm running again - my co-worker should be coming by very soon and I still need to brush my teeth, sort through my purse and all that different, running-out-the-door stuff. I hope to update this blog with a chapter 2 of my trip soon. Maybe this weekend??

Hope everyone has a good Thursday!!

September 4, 2011

Posted by Rie On 10:39 PM
So I'm slowly going through my photos from my Canada 2011 trip this summer..... All 1000 pictures!! Yes, I come from a family of photographers and we all LOVE taking pictures. So between all of us, we managed to take a 1000 pictures during the three week time period I was home. I want to share my trip with those of you who care and decided that I would do it in chapters on my blog and overwhelm you all with babble and pictures. (I tend to babble...) So here we go, in random order; The Story of Canada 2011.
Chapter 1 - Dad and Biksen, the boat.

Dad has a sailboat, a Contessa 26 - that's one of his biggest passions. Dad had to sail Biksen to Sidney from Vic West to get some work done on the hull and we decided to make a day trip out of it. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, maybe even too sunny and hot and we had a good time. We sailed to Sidney Spit and spent the night there, ate steak and eggs, did some fishing and had a nice quiet night. Then we sailed into the harbour where we got Biksen hauled up and started cleaning, painting and polishing the hull. It was nice spending some alone time with my dad.

Walking from the house to the boat - see the cruise ship?
Hidden Harbour - where Biksen lives.
The captain getting ready for our sailing trip. He had to do most of the work since I know NOTHING about sailing.
Slowly sailing out of the harbour, past the houseboats.
Oh Canada!!
The big cruise ship, up close and personal!
Captain Jens!
Victoria, British Columbia!
Trying to escape the sun while fishing - the fish were there but they didn't bite!
My face was so burned from the sun.
Steak and eggs for dinner. YUM!
Enjoying the view.
Sunset that evening was gorgeous!!
Waiting to get hauled up out of the water.
Power washed the boat.
That huge machine could move all sorts of boats around - operated by remote control.
Once Biksen was on land, dad did his inspection.
Time to get some work done - the water line had to be cleaned and polished.
Dad and Biksen
Working on the boat.
Kinda funny to see how small Biksen really is compared to these other boats.
Dad taking a break from painting and polishing - checking out the boats docked out in Sidney.
Dad and Rie - we had a good day!