November 10, 2008

Posted by Rie On 11:19 PM in my temporary apartment. YAY ME!

Yes, I'm all giddy with excitement about moving. I hope to get the key on Friday and then be able to at least move all my junk from work into my new home. Then go to a special party (will explain that one after the weekend) and then maybe - hopefully - sleep in my new home. But I doubt it. I have a feeling that I will have to wait until Saturday night to have my first sleep in a real bed since my time is limited on Friday. BUT - Saturday, I'm taking the day off work and I have the entire day to at least make it possible to SLEEP IN A REAL BED when I get home from work Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Did that make any sense? Probably not.... I haven't slept in a real bed for the last few months and my body is screaming for a bed. The mattress thing isn't fun anymore. I'm too old for that shit. So I took the day off work from the "garage" but, I have to work that night at the drunken youth party so it'll be late before I'm home. So Sunday will most likely be spent unpacking, rearranging and just enjoying my new home. If I get my ass out of my REAL BED!

Ok, I'm crazy. But what the hell do you expect since I was dying of boredom at work this evening and need to let some of my craziness out. And seriously, if you know me, you wouldn't be suprised of my rambling and babbling. Yes, I tend to ramble. And sometimes even babble.

Nothing else here is super interesting to write about. Well... I did have a birthday last week. I'm fucking 29 years old. ALMOST 30! Fuck. But then again, I don't feel almost 30. Only in the mornings when I wake up and my body is sore from sleeping on a sad mattress. Anyways, yeah, I turned 29 last Wednesday. I had a good day with lots of bday wishes from around the world. I felt loved. People still mistake me for being a youthful teenager so it's all good. Besides my body starting to sag - damn the big boobs - I must still look like a young girl. Not someone who is almost 30. Doesn't matter - it's just a number. Not really a big deal, right?

So, this is the end of my babbling session for today. You can blame my cousin Steen - he reminded me that some people actually do read this blog and that I suck at updating it lately. HEJ STEEN! Life in DK is good. The family is good... according to Karin. Life in Canada is good... as far as I know. I got stood up yesterday with the weekly skype chat with the parental units. I guess they had better things to do ;) Tee hee. Yes, I know Mom was busy doing girly stuff and dad had to work so I'm not completely devastated. I'll survive. I had a good evening so everything is all good.



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