May 28, 2007

Posted by Rie On 1:29 PM
I'm back from my weekend working at the annual Jelling Music Festival and let's just say it was nothing like all the other years. LONG story and I'm not going to get into here but I will say that I will not be coming again next year unless something drastic changes. BUT, it wasn't all bad and I had a great time with some of my co-workers/friends and all the kids. The weather was fine - Friday and Saturday was super with sunshine and no rain. Sunday was colder with some rain but that's ok because I left the festival Sunday afternoon instead of staying until Monday morning.
It was great seeing the people I usually work with, especially Lena, Erik, Lars and co. We got loads of fun pictures and I can easily say that we made the best of a tense situation. We did our thing and were there for the kids and we also took time out for ourselves and had fun. Lots of laughs, beers and talks. We didn't see much music this year - only Bloodhound Gang and some of the Deep Purple concert but that's ok. We had too much fun and didn't have time to see the concerts! The work area wasn't good but seeing everyone else made up for it!

Lena and I took the bus from Vejle to Jelling Friday afternoon and it was great seeing her again. We had our sleeping bags, pillows, festival clothes and some cold beverages ready - we don't drink when we're working but when the blue t-shirts come off, then we usually have a couple drinks like the other 22,000 other people at the festival. We figured a beer on the bus would be a good way to start things off!

Lena, Erik and I have, in the past many years, been them who work all festival and sleep in the camper and this year wasn't any different. We "close" the stand around 1am and just relax and catch up on our life stories but "our kids" know perfectly well where we are and that they are always welcomed to come over and say hi. Helle is one of my "kids" who I've known for several years now and even though she's not a kid anymore, she couldn't resist coming by to say hi - and she ended up staying until 3am!

Marie came with Helle and we couldn't resist taking some fun pictures. We had a fun Friday night and it was first 5am when we went to sleep. But we got up at 830am again to open the stand and be there for our kids.

Lars used to work at Pitstop (our old booth) but him and the others weren't invited to work this year. They were ready and willing to work but when they came Friday with all their stuff, they were asked to leave. Lena, Erik and I spent lots of time with them and considering the situation, we were still able to have some fun.

Lena, Erik and Rie. Almost like the good old times. We stuck together and supported each other - I don't know what I would have done without them.

Rie with two of the boys from the youth club.

Karin, Pernille and the girls were all at the festival and I think they had a good time!

When I was taking the first picture, some of our kids saw it and wanted to say hi. Karin and the others got attacked! LOL

We took the picture ourselves and my arms are not long enough to get us all in the shot.

Rie and some of the really old kids. But they still remember me and it was nice seeing that they are doing ok and having fun.

Attack of the youth club. Yups, these kids are the reason to why we work volunteer just to make sure they have a good time and have someone to talk to if they have problems.

Kamal and Jette - two of my co-workers taking a break.

Koere Teknisk Klub - we're still smiling!

Is that how men eat?

Allan, Erik and Lena - Allan used to work with us at Pitstop but wasn't invited this year. But he still came over to say hi to us and drink a beer.

The entire gang taking a break and watching the Bloodhound Gang concert. We might not have been a part of Pitstop this year but we stuck together.

Yups, I was there too!

Karin and Rie. I should say hi from Karin to Sooke!

That's the end of Jelling Music Festival 2007 - it sucked ass in many ways but we stuck through it for the kids sake and for each other.

May 23, 2007

Posted by Rie On 1:13 PM
I'm at work now, just waiting to get the "lunch" ready. Since it's gorgeous weather today, I will be selling pancakes with icecream - the kids are going to love me!!

The last couple of days have been kinda hectic here at work with different activities and stuff so I've been pretty tired when I get home. Plus I've started going to the gym on a regular basis, trying to get into shape and just trying to be slightly heathier in general. I will be going to Jelling Festival this weekend - for those of you who know the entire situation regarding the festival this year, yes, he finally called and it turned out that he just assumed I would be coming since I told him I wanted to work there a few months back. So he waited until the last minute to call me and I decided to go there anyways after work Friday - I won't let him ruin the festival for me or for anyone else. Besides, he probably won't be around anyways. Lena's picking me up Friday evening and we won't be home again until Sunday night. I just hope the weather will be nice, if it's like today and yesterday, I won't complain at all!

New from the family here in DK - my cousin Jesper and his girlfriend are finally pregnant! With twins! Yups, after a very long struggle, they are expecting babies! So everyone, cross your fingers for them and we'll be seeing these new additions to the family in December.

I have taken some pictures of things going on here. As soon as I get an ok from Jonna, I will post a picture of her and her family from Sunday, where baby Mathilde was baptized. And I'm planning on bringing my wonderful camera with me to Jelling Festival and taking lots of pictures and yes, I will share all the good, bad and ugly shots with all of you guys next week!

Other than that, nothing new here. I'm getting excited about my trip home this summer and I can't wait to see everyone again. My work is closed all of July so I'll be having an extra long vacation this summer - vacation July 1 to July 31 and then August 16 to Sept 4th. The only downside is that I won't be getting a paycheck Aug. 1st but I'll manage. I always do.

May 18, 2007

Posted by Rie On 6:09 PM
So last weekend, I went to visit Anders in Copenhagen for a couple of days. He was there for work and instead of him driving back to Vejle Friday night only to drive back to Copenhagen Sunday, I took the train over there and we played tourists in the big city. We had loads of fun - went to the zoo, lots of driving and walking around, saw the Queen's castle, went to Tivoli and ate lots of good food. I had to work Friday night so I took an early train Saturday morning and then took the train back to Vejle on Monday and then went directly to work. Yes, I was tired but it was totally worth it!

The home of the Royal Family! There are 5 buildings, separated by large gates. I think each member of the Royal family has a "house". No one was home - the flag wasn't up but it was still neat seeing where they sometimes live.

These are the guards who watch over the castle - we were there when they changed duties at noon. It was actually like a ceremony and Anders and I were almost killed by eager tourists trying to get a photo. Luckily Anders is tall and was able to get some pictures!

Rie goofing around in front of the Opera House.

Anders relaxing on the steps with sun in his eyes.

Tivoli - Rie being a true tourist!

Tivoli is not the usual amusement park - sure there are rides, games and places to eat but it was also really pretty with character. It's hard to explain but if you're ever in Copenhagen, spend an afternoon/evening in Tivoli! You won't regret it!

Copenhagen Zoo. I love animals so we decided to spend a few hours at the zoo. The weather agreed with us and didn't rain until the minute after we left. Lions, tigers and bears - oh my!

The male elephant was in a different area than the females but these two were able to smooch and say hi to each other since there was an open "window" above the gate.

This bear knew exactly how to work the crowd! He posed and growled and smiled for all the cameras!

Saturday night, Anders and I went out for dinner and then went to an outdoor bar/coffee place and had a drink. Mmmm, irish coffee on Nyhavn! Yes, I'm tired, not drunk!

Truely, a horrible picture of me but here we are!

May 9, 2007

Posted by Rie On 12:45 PM
I'm at work now and I honestly don't have anything to do right now. One more hour, and then the others come but right now I'm pretty much alone. Enjoying the peace and quiet...

I took some teenagers to Århus on Monday to celebrate their confirmation. A good group of kids - there were no issues and they all behaved themselves nicely. But it was a long day of walking around and trying to keep an eye out on things and sort through all the faces - We weren't the only school who had their celebration in Århus! The city was packed with young teenagers spending way too much money and just having a good time. We went to "Tivoli Friheden" which is an outdoor amusement park and while the kids were running around, we (the old people) sat around drinking coffee and waiting for the time to pass.

Other than that, nothing new and exciting here. It's soon Jelling Festival time again and I'm assuming we're having our booth out there again.... I'm assuming because we haven't heard anything yet and it's starting to get irritating since the festival is in 2 weeks. We work our asses off (volunteer!) for 4 days and I sure hope they don't expect us to just show up without knowing who, what, where and when etc. Yes, I'm getting pissed off. I've been with this little organisation since the beginning - we started this 5 years ago - and now I, among others, feel like we're being shit on. They better watch it because if they shit on us, well then they are out 15+ volunteers who know what they're doing and have been there since the beginning. I keep hearing that yes, our booth will be out there and yes Rie, you have to be there etc but I'm not getting any real information! If I have to run the booth one of the festival days and try to organise 30+ helpers like I have done the past few years, I need to know what's going on!

Argh, I'm angry and very frusterated right now. I better end this post before I say something I might regret.

May 3, 2007

Posted by Rie On 9:31 AM
This will be a short post. Some idiot took my laundry time and since I'm not evil, I didn't take their wet clothes out of the machine so I decided to just forget the idea of doing laundry today and go for a walk with Lise instead before work.
My cousin Peter and his gf Gaby got married April 19th in Las Vegas and the entire family around the world gathered around the internet to see the ceremony. Since it's basically impossible to gather the family together, they got married in front of webcams so we could see the video - pretty cool idea, eh? Today's technology can be fun! Here are some of the pictures Gaby sent and now I'm showing them to you guys.
Congratulations to Peter and Gaby!

Things here are good. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and I'm hoping it stays this way at least for the weekend. We have a holiday tomorrow which means.... NO WORK! Yups, I'm off work along with everyone else and we all plan to just enjoy it and relax. If the weather is nice, Anders, Christa, her boyfriend Christian (tee hee, Christa and Christian - the names are so similiar!!) and I plan on finding a sunny place to sit and just hang out. Maybe drink some beers and other yummy cold beverages, eat some sandwiches and just have a good time. So everyone, cross your fingers and wish for sunshine for us!

Rie at Hvidbjerg Beach last Sunday. I got a new haircut a couple of days ago and I will soon take a picture to show off the new, gorgeous RIE! (LOL, I'm in a funky mood right now!)