July 31, 2013

Posted by Rie On 7:54 PM
I almost forgot about my blog until my mom mentioned that it's been ages since my last post. And it's been ages since my last written post - I've been taking the easy way out and just posting pictures.

What have I been doing for the last few months? Everything!! My life has been so hectic that I think I almost fell apart due to stress. I used to think that stress was just an excuse to take a step back but now I know better!

I finished my first year at school - passed my work experience and aced my exam. Really put in some extra effort the last couple of months of school and it definitely paid off. I ended up getting a job at my work experience place, so between school, the pub and the new place, I was pretty busy. Trying to keep track of my calender and getting everything done was insane. And also trying to have a somewhat social life and quiet time was nearly impossible. Luckily, the pub job is very social where I either work with many friends or have my friends sitting on the other side of the bar so that helped.

I started my summer vacation at the beginning of July - BAM - got really sick and was forced to be in bed for almost 2 weeks. Horrible way to start my vacation!! But other than that, I've been keeping myself busy but at a more normal pace. Work (yes, I work during my vacation) at the pub and new place. Visiting friends, fishing, day trips here and there, parties, music festivals, cleaning - it's been a wonderful couple of weeks. I start back up at work again on Monday - back to my daily routine - with school on the side so I'll be keeping myself busy. Work at the pub, weddings, events - won't really have time to be bored.

I'll try to be better at keeping my blog updated - I like writing and it keeps me focused. I'm planning a serious lifestyle change and I'll probably write about it tomorrow or Friday. Right now, I'm in the middle of cleaning my little apartment, throwing stuff out - I have so much JUNK! - and just enjoying a quiet day. Maybe I'll drive down to the beach and enjoy the sunset and take some pictures.