April 21, 2008

Posted by Rie On 9:05 AM
Yups, it's mom's birthday today. Happy Day to you! I'm going to try and call her today and catch her before she takes off to work.

The sun is shining. Gorgeous weather today and has been this weekend. All my windows are open and when I'm done doing my computer stuff, I will go for a walk before work. I already did some morning exercises (need to look good in my bikini in Bulgaria!) and my bum is now sore. Our bike in the living room is a good thing but the seat sucks. Or I just have a pointy bum bone...

Yeah, I'm not making much sense right now, am I?

Anyways, things are good here. I have my shelves up in my crafty corner now! I'm happy. My clutter doesn't look too bad anymore. More room to make more clutter. Loving it! I have a skirt that I want to make - actually two skirts so the more room the better. I'll try to post something interesting on the other blog once I finally take some pictures (or make something worth posting!).

I have a killer week at work - the only evening I'm off is Wednesday and I have to work Friday night and Saturday night too. But it'll be fine. Things will be back to normal again next week and then I'll have more time to play!

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christine said...

I'm so behind on your blog! whats this about bulgaria?

lotto said...

This is a nice blog. I like it!