March 2, 2011

Posted by Rie On 9:57 AM
I decided to treat myself this month and I don't feel at all guilty about it! I've been good lately (except my glasses) so I decided I deserved a little "extra something". I picked up a new scarf and necklace yesterday, while buying a bday present for Karin (my aunt). I bought some lux groceries on my way home from the gym - reminder: NEVER grocery shop when hungry! But my main treat is..... BOOKS! I went a little crazy and now I'm anxiously waiting for my packages to arrive. I bought a bunch of crafty books - general crafts, papercrafts, sewing and a couple of journals and I can't wait. WOOT WOOT! I could have gone even more crazy and ordered more - I had a huge wish list going but I was responsible and limited my choices.... for now.

Denmark has books. It's not like I have to order them online. Danes like to read too. (Unfortunately, we don't really have a kick-ass book store here in Vejle.) But I LOVE crafty books that inspire and motivate me and I especially love them in English. I'm better at English than Danish and therefore, I would prefer my reading material to be in English. Mind you, I CAN read Danish and I don't really have any problems but I don't "relax my mind" the same way. Plus there are many more English written crafty books that look super exciting. And the prices are decent - compared to DK prices.

Enough of that - I'll gush again once the books arrive.

Spinning class yesterday and my body is sore now. But I did good and damn proud of myself! I won't be able to go again until next Wednesday - really sucks with my work hours. I'm thinking of cancelling my membership at the gym due to limited time but then again, if I just plan ahead and make it a bigger priority in my life, then I should be able to find a few hours a week for exercise. Once the weather gets better, then maybe I'll start running.... maybe not.... I hate running.

Going to finish my coffee, perhaps a cup more and then it's off to work for me. I have JB during the day and then I'm going to Nørup for dinner at Karin and Ernst's place before we have to work at the youth club out there. I hope she likes her bday presents!! Happy Birthday Karin!

And a special bday shout-out to Glenda! It was also her birthday yesterday and I hope she had a good day. Hugs to you!!

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Glenda-Bean said...

Thanks for the awesome birthday shout out! P.S. I love that you've been posting so much!!!