April 12, 2011

Posted by Rie On 10:13 AM
I have a feeling this post is going to be babble and ramblings. I want to write - it's been freaking forever since my last post - but I don't know what I'll end up writing about.

Things are good here. The sun was shining yesterday but now it's grey and yucky again. Good thing I'll be spending my day inside at work with the kids. I took the day off work yesterday but instead of actually getting things done - I vegged! And it was WONDERFUL! I didn't even feel like making dinner so I popped over at the "grill-bar" just down the street and picked up some greasy chicken and fries. Yummy. Good thing I don't do that as often because it was yummy while eating it but afterwards, wasn't so good. I forgot that fried greasy good tends to upset my stomach.

I took a plunge last week and cut my hair! And I HATE IT! I really hope its because I'm not used to chin-length hair but I miss my long flowing mane.... But then again, it's healthy for the hair to do that sometimes and I love hats so I'll just have to wait until it grows out a bit.

I have nothing much to say other than work, hair, greasy food.... oh right! I am still very much addicted to buying books online and just received a new batch. Crafty books of all sorts! LOVE LOVE LOVE crafty books. Good for cozy craft time here at home and also good for inspiration for the kids at work.

I have to go again, time to brush my teeth, find a hat and shoes and get ready for work. Not because I'm super thrilled that I took an extra shift today but I have to be responsible and adult-like. Being an adult is sometimes not all that fun!


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