September 29, 2011

Posted by Rie On 1:05 PM
I love Thursdays. I can sleep in, wake up at a slow pace, make coffee, surf the net, eat breakfast and basically have time to myself until I get picked up at 1:20pm. And that's exactly what I did today - and I even added at-home-exercise to the list. (I picked up one of those huge exercise balls and tried working with it today. I  realized something.... I'm a klutz and my balance sucks. But it was fun and I'm not ready to give up just yet.)

Anyways - I'm running again - my co-worker should be coming by very soon and I still need to brush my teeth, sort through my purse and all that different, running-out-the-door stuff. I hope to update this blog with a chapter 2 of my trip soon. Maybe this weekend??

Hope everyone has a good Thursday!!

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FireCracker said...

LOL! I love the humor in your blog. It was short and straight to the point. I'm such a klutz as well. Kudos to you even though you had a million things to do in the morning you still manage to get your workout in!=}