July 19, 2016

Posted by Rie On 3:14 PM
July 19, 2016

I've been thinking about my blog for a few days now and here I am.

Was considering starting over but then again, I felt like I was throwing away several years of "memories" out the window. So I decided to keep it and just keep working away - who knows what will happen. Who knows if anyone actually reads thing. I could "advertise" my blog on my facebook but that would be wierd, no?

Lots has happened the past few years. I graduated and now have my degree as a "p├Ždagog". I'm still bartending every weekend. I still live in Vejle. Lots of still doing.... not a bad thing but not much has changed.

I went to Burning Man last year. Loved it!

Totally want to go again. It was amazing but I think the second time will be even more amazing. The first time was mind-boggling because I had no idea what to expect. And the fact that I only got a ticket 2 days before I had to leave left me slightly unprepared. Next time, I will have an idea of what to expect, of what to pack and my goals for myself. I hope to go with my parents which will mean I can relax a bit more and just let go. I had a hard time just letting go the first time - not because of my campmates - they were fucking awesome. They opened their arms to a complete stranger and let me do whatever I wanted or needed to do. I just couldn't relax and let me..... just be me. Well, I guess I did in some sense. It's hard to explain. 

Other than Burning Man, I spent my late summer with my parents over in Canada. That was also amazing. Just hanging out with them and relaxing. Seeing my friends again and just.... being at home. It's still a home. Scary thought. I don't think that home feeling will ever go away. 

I got back to DK in September 2015 and a couple of weeks after, I got a cat. One would think that getting a cat isn't life changing or anything. Cooper changed my life. Yes, I'm the crazy cat lady. 

Enough of my rambling today. I should get my shit together and enjoy my vacation. Only 2 weeks left....


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