July 25, 2006

Posted by Rie On 8:11 AM

It's too late to really write a long post but I did promise pictures! I spent Saturday with Glenda and Deeds - great friends and I feel like I've never left. Shopping around, gossipping, eating way too much food, driving around and drinking coffee - some things never change!! We also met up with Christine and Leah - they are sooooo freaking cool!

I've been working on my dad's boat - painting and stuff. It's going to look great when we're done tomorrow! Other than drinking coffee with my girls and working on my dad's boat, I haven't been doing much. It's been too hot here to really go outside, freaking heatwave! I've been puttering around the house, cuddling with the dogs and just relaxing!

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zahidjahi said...

good pcturs...i like it wanna friend with me

Anders said...

Looks like you girls are having alot of fun. It´s nice with the pictures and looks like my camera is doing overtime ;) - Great Pictures.
Say hi to Deedee and Glenda from me and give them my best wishes of a happy future with their baby and wedding.