July 24, 2006

Posted by Rie On 8:38 AM

July 20, 2006

Ok, that was a long post about the day I arrived. I doubt the other posts will be that long, just so you are warned.

I woke up quite early but felt pretty much ok awake. Mom and dad had already gone to work, so I had the entire house to myself. I tried to find something to eat which wasn't too easy and then sat down at my computer. Had a nice msn chat with some friends from DK but then started getting way too sleepy a couple of hours later so I went back to bed. As you can hear, I didn't really do anything at all during the day other than sleep and putter around the house.

Mom and dad came home and we ate dinner together. Glenda came by later on in the evening and that was supercool seeing her again. She hasn't changed one bit! She took the dress with her and it's way too big. I guess it's better being too big than being too small so I'm not too worried. The seamstress will take care of that.

My parents house is really neat. They have a lot of funky little pieces of artwork which catches ones eye. I love it! It is way freaking cool! I'm definitely going to be using some of their decoration ideas when I get my own place (SEPT 1!!!)

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