February 9, 2008

Posted by Rie On 2:24 PM
But it's not like I have interesting news or stories to post. I spend most of my time working so I haven't been on any new and exciting adventures lately.

But life is ok. My jobs are good and I'm still very happy for my career choice. I've been working some extra shifts - school party in Nørup last Thursday and Jelling Halbal tonight... Jelling Halbal is where the kids are allowed to drink so it'll be a long night. Plus we have the diverse activities this month including a skating trip to Herning, Halbal in Vejle etc. But it's all good.

Next weekend, I will finally have a "fun" weekend. My old apartment is finally out of the picture so I don't have to worry about moving or cleaning (although this place could use a good clean!) so Anders, Tine and I are going to have some fun next Saturday. We are going to a TV2 concert - the plan is to eat dinner together before and then just relax and listen to good music. Have a few drinks and then we'll see what happens after the concert. Maybe go downtown to the local pub or not.... we'll find out next weekend.

Things here at home are good too. Anders loves his job and is busy studying for... something. Computer stuff. Our little apartment is coming around - we still need to hang up some shelves and pictures but it's getting there. A little messy at the moment but we'll survive for now. My hobbies have been at a standstill but I'm working on a shirt and a painting at the moment so hopefully I'll have something to show off tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

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