January 12, 2008

Posted by Rie On 5:06 PM
Just a short post to say hello. I was at work last night at a youth party here in Vejle - it went really good with almost 300 teenagers and only 1 disturbing episode... well there was also a girl who was wearing high heels and was having problems keeping her balance - she ended up taking a dive down the stairs and flashed everyone in that area (a strapless dress that flew up and fell down). Poor girl. She was absolutely mortified, started to cry and hid in the girls bathroom for an hour. I think I was able to calm her down after I told her that she wasn't the first girl who fell down those stairs (a little white lie...) and plus told her that lots of people lose their balance while wearing high heels.... we got her makeup fixed up and then she joined the party again. So at least this time I didn't have to worry about getting blood, puke or other fluids on me.

I got to sleep in today but then I ended up taking a nap a few hours after I had woken up. So I can actually say that I have done nothing other than eat and sleep today. Now I'm awake and hungry again. We were supposed to go over to my old apartment and get some more things moved but I'm seriously having a lazy day today so we'll have to just do it tomorrow. I just can't get my shit together today.

I'll be working extra shifts next week but other than that, I have nothing much going on here. My old apartment is coming along and we should have the last of the stuff moved next weekend.... btw, Tine - do you still want the bookshelf? Then I just need to clean it up and hand in the keys.

I think I'll be creative tonight. Put on my "crafty clothes" and have some fun. Order Chinese food (Mmmmmm) and just do my own thing tonight.... Yups, that's the plan.

Have a great weekend!!

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