June 9, 2008

Posted by Rie On 12:31 PM
The past couple of weeks have been gorgeous! The sun is shining, no rain and super hot - I love it! Lots of time has been spent out on my balcony or at a café sitting outside drinking cold drinks. We have to enjoy it while it lasts because it's supposed to be shitty weather again later on this week.... Blah!

Things are good here. No pictures with this post as I am at work, wondering where all the kids are. Boring! Luckily I don't have a long day so I'll survive this time around. We had a get-together here at work on Saturday - a surprise activity and BBQ afterwards. The surprise turned out to be paintball! I've never tried that before so I was definitely very excited (and very nervous!) I ended up getting shot 3 times - twice on my head (damn the high forehead!!) and once on my thigh. My boss shot me! The "head wounds" aren't bad, just a little scrape and tiny bruising. BUT... my leg bruise is a killer. Huge, colorful, painful and just plain ugly! I'll take a picture of it when I get home because it's definitely something to show off - I have never had such a bruise before!!!

Another news.... (I already told my parents but not my grandparents. So unless they tattled on me, this is new to them over in Biksen - and I know they are reading this!) I got my second tattoo and I love it! It's of a maple leaf with the numbers 07 97 right underneath, placed high on my center back. I haven't taken any pictures yet and it's kinda scabby and gross right now so I'll wait to show it off until it looks perfect. I'm very happy for it and can't wait until it's healed. And just so you know, I already have plans for another tattoo..... I can just picture my dad shaking his head in disgust.... but he still loves me!

So, sunshine, paintball and tattoos.... that's all I have to write about. We're leaving for our little vacation to Bulgaria June 24th and I can't wait! Woot woot!! I only have 16 days (12 of them at work) before Anders and I enter the world of swimming pools, sandy beaches, drinks, food and hopefully just a great vacation!!

wow... I have a nasty habit of babbling...

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