May 2, 2009

Posted by Rie On 10:15 AM
Saturday morning - and I don't have to work today! Oh. My. God. What am I to do with my day off?

It's been a slightly crazy week with work so I am going to seriously enjoy a full weekend without any kids or teenagers. I can clean. Paint. Read. Dance (loud music!). Write. Visit friends. Drink coffee. Go for a bike ride. Pay my bills (already did that). Sleep. Sew. Laundry.

See.... the possibilities are endless.

Yes, I'm babbling. I already had too much coffee and I'm ready to seriously start a hopefully good weekend. Next week shouldn't be too bad - no extra meetings and we have the day off on Friday. (A danish holiday or something....).

Life is good here. I finally have my shit in order and can sit back and enjoy life. Smile to the world. The whole moving process knocked me down for a while but now I'm back in business. I'm ready for the next complications and disorder, whatever and whenever that might be.


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