May 6, 2012

Posted by Rie On 11:07 PM
Can you hear it? Listen really hard. Still nothing?

It's because there is nothing to hear in my little apartment other than my table creaking, me typing and the occasional car. No tv. No music. No talking.


And I like it.

I love music and listen to it all the time. I love my family and friends and talk to them often. I don't need a tv but it's on as background noise at times. But right now, I'm embracing the silence and I'm taking a minute or two to enjoy it. It's been a busy week and even though I had a good time either working, hanging out with dad or hanging out with friends, I feel I need a quiet night to myself. So it suits me fine that dad is out and about, doing his own thing while I'm home.

Shhhh..... Silence is not always scary. 

Having dad around is pretty cool. We haven't spent this much time together since I moved from Canada back in 1997. I like my dad. He's a fuddy duddy at times but I still love him. I like the fact that he's starting to feel comfortable enough here that he can just come and go as he pleases, do his own thing and enjoy his visit here in Denmark. I had a good talk with mom this evening, before she had to take off to the vet. She's pretty cool too.

I consider myself to be lucky. I have parents that are actually neat and fun to talk to. I can talk to my mom as a "mother/daughter" and talk to her as friends. I can hang out with dad alone here at home or I can take him out with some friends and drink a beer together. Yes, my parents are also my friends. And that's where I think I'm lucky.

Dad in the kitchen. 

Waiting for our train to Copenhagen. 

Anyways, it's Sunday and I'm soon off to bed. Maybe I'll bring a book with me to bed. I was off work Friday from the club and there I was the responsible adult. Laundry and stuff like that. I napped and then took off to work at the Pub. Quiet-ish night there but still ended up being home late. Ate breakfast with dad and then napped when he left. Did some shopping for a birthday gift and got ready to celebrate one of my best friends here in Denmark. We partied it up Saturday night and again, it was early morning before I got home. I think Dad thinks I'm crazy but that's what I do. Slept a couple of  hours Sunday and got up, feeling tired but not hungover. Did some grocery shopping and then basically just enjoyed a quiet day here at home.   The week starts over tomorrow - work, work, meetings and then more work.

I haven't blogged all that often lately but I promise that once my every day routine gets back to normal, I will try to keep up the blogging again. I like to write. I like to babble. Here are some random party pictures.

Rie and L. That's our outfit when we are working but I was off that night. 

Caught off-guard. Rie and J. 

S. and me. Love her!

Time for me to go home. And make faces at the camera. 

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