August 13, 2012

Posted by Rie On 10:06 PM
Things are happening over here in little Vejle. Both good and bad but I'm dealing with everything and am generally happy about how things are going.

I had my last official day at the youth club - I'm taking a 1 year leave from there and am starting school on Wednesday! Crazy shit! I'm nervous, exciting, anxious and happy all at the same time. It's been years since I was in school and this time, it's even more important because it's something that I WANT to do and not something I feel forced into doing. Make any sense?

I'm starting my degree in p├Ždagogik - child care (roughly translated) and it's one year full-time school and then 2 years with work and part-time studies. I am taking the merit class since I have so much experience which is awesome because then I keep one foot inside the work force. It helps both mentally and definitely financially.

So now, I'm busy finding books online - both used and new books and mentally preparing myself to start on Wednesday. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

Another thing I'm changing in my life is my eating habits and exercise lifestyle. I'm starting to eat healthier and I started back at the gym today. A spinning class and then a body fit class - lifting weights. I'm going to be in pain tomorrow!! Now that I have my afternoons open, I want to treat myself to some exercise. Just a few hours a week will be great and it'll help my energy level in the long run. I'm trying to tone up and lose a few pounds but I want to do it the healthy way.

I'm actually quite tired right now so I'm cutting this post short. I spent last night reading and it turned into a late night. I don't want to sleep the day away tomorrow so I'm going to hit the sack now and continue on with all my good news in a later post. Hope all is well with everyone and that you all had a great summer!!

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Gwen Harrod said...

Good luck with your schooling! I am a teacher, so I can relate. Check me out at and read about my life...we might have some things in common! :)

Lili Li said...
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Lili Li said...
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