May 23, 2007

Posted by Rie On 1:13 PM
I'm at work now, just waiting to get the "lunch" ready. Since it's gorgeous weather today, I will be selling pancakes with icecream - the kids are going to love me!!

The last couple of days have been kinda hectic here at work with different activities and stuff so I've been pretty tired when I get home. Plus I've started going to the gym on a regular basis, trying to get into shape and just trying to be slightly heathier in general. I will be going to Jelling Festival this weekend - for those of you who know the entire situation regarding the festival this year, yes, he finally called and it turned out that he just assumed I would be coming since I told him I wanted to work there a few months back. So he waited until the last minute to call me and I decided to go there anyways after work Friday - I won't let him ruin the festival for me or for anyone else. Besides, he probably won't be around anyways. Lena's picking me up Friday evening and we won't be home again until Sunday night. I just hope the weather will be nice, if it's like today and yesterday, I won't complain at all!

New from the family here in DK - my cousin Jesper and his girlfriend are finally pregnant! With twins! Yups, after a very long struggle, they are expecting babies! So everyone, cross your fingers for them and we'll be seeing these new additions to the family in December.

I have taken some pictures of things going on here. As soon as I get an ok from Jonna, I will post a picture of her and her family from Sunday, where baby Mathilde was baptized. And I'm planning on bringing my wonderful camera with me to Jelling Festival and taking lots of pictures and yes, I will share all the good, bad and ugly shots with all of you guys next week!

Other than that, nothing new here. I'm getting excited about my trip home this summer and I can't wait to see everyone again. My work is closed all of July so I'll be having an extra long vacation this summer - vacation July 1 to July 31 and then August 16 to Sept 4th. The only downside is that I won't be getting a paycheck Aug. 1st but I'll manage. I always do.

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Tine said...

Hey Rie - I think you are getting off too easy with the cooking.... :)