May 9, 2007

Posted by Rie On 12:45 PM
I'm at work now and I honestly don't have anything to do right now. One more hour, and then the others come but right now I'm pretty much alone. Enjoying the peace and quiet...

I took some teenagers to Århus on Monday to celebrate their confirmation. A good group of kids - there were no issues and they all behaved themselves nicely. But it was a long day of walking around and trying to keep an eye out on things and sort through all the faces - We weren't the only school who had their celebration in Århus! The city was packed with young teenagers spending way too much money and just having a good time. We went to "Tivoli Friheden" which is an outdoor amusement park and while the kids were running around, we (the old people) sat around drinking coffee and waiting for the time to pass.

Other than that, nothing new and exciting here. It's soon Jelling Festival time again and I'm assuming we're having our booth out there again.... I'm assuming because we haven't heard anything yet and it's starting to get irritating since the festival is in 2 weeks. We work our asses off (volunteer!) for 4 days and I sure hope they don't expect us to just show up without knowing who, what, where and when etc. Yes, I'm getting pissed off. I've been with this little organisation since the beginning - we started this 5 years ago - and now I, among others, feel like we're being shit on. They better watch it because if they shit on us, well then they are out 15+ volunteers who know what they're doing and have been there since the beginning. I keep hearing that yes, our booth will be out there and yes Rie, you have to be there etc but I'm not getting any real information! If I have to run the booth one of the festival days and try to organise 30+ helpers like I have done the past few years, I need to know what's going on!

Argh, I'm angry and very frusterated right now. I better end this post before I say something I might regret.

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