May 18, 2007

Posted by Rie On 6:09 PM
So last weekend, I went to visit Anders in Copenhagen for a couple of days. He was there for work and instead of him driving back to Vejle Friday night only to drive back to Copenhagen Sunday, I took the train over there and we played tourists in the big city. We had loads of fun - went to the zoo, lots of driving and walking around, saw the Queen's castle, went to Tivoli and ate lots of good food. I had to work Friday night so I took an early train Saturday morning and then took the train back to Vejle on Monday and then went directly to work. Yes, I was tired but it was totally worth it!

The home of the Royal Family! There are 5 buildings, separated by large gates. I think each member of the Royal family has a "house". No one was home - the flag wasn't up but it was still neat seeing where they sometimes live.

These are the guards who watch over the castle - we were there when they changed duties at noon. It was actually like a ceremony and Anders and I were almost killed by eager tourists trying to get a photo. Luckily Anders is tall and was able to get some pictures!

Rie goofing around in front of the Opera House.

Anders relaxing on the steps with sun in his eyes.

Tivoli - Rie being a true tourist!

Tivoli is not the usual amusement park - sure there are rides, games and places to eat but it was also really pretty with character. It's hard to explain but if you're ever in Copenhagen, spend an afternoon/evening in Tivoli! You won't regret it!

Copenhagen Zoo. I love animals so we decided to spend a few hours at the zoo. The weather agreed with us and didn't rain until the minute after we left. Lions, tigers and bears - oh my!

The male elephant was in a different area than the females but these two were able to smooch and say hi to each other since there was an open "window" above the gate.

This bear knew exactly how to work the crowd! He posed and growled and smiled for all the cameras!

Saturday night, Anders and I went out for dinner and then went to an outdoor bar/coffee place and had a drink. Mmmm, irish coffee on Nyhavn! Yes, I'm tired, not drunk!

Truely, a horrible picture of me but here we are!

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christine said...

looks like such a fun weekend!

you know, the only time i've been to a zoo was in mexico. yeah, not the best conditions there for the animals. haha, and the only time i've EVER seen a bear is at the casino in tijuana - sad eh?

Hogsberg said...

Hey you.. I haven't been to CPH since our LIVE concert last year, but that wasn't a real sight seeing trip.. Maybe I should go there soon :-)
Its seem like you had a blast and I er nogle rigtige turtleduer :-) lots og love.. H.

Cheri said...

Keep up the good work.