August 24, 2007

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Sorry to everyone who actually reads this blog - I know I haven't been too good with my updates but hopefully this post and the ones to come will make up for it! My days here in Canada have been packed with lots of stuff - family, good food, coffee and long talks. I haven't really been out much with my friends but I'm sure that'll come next week after the diamond anniversary. At least they all know that I'm not ignoring them or anything snobby like that!
Now that the apologies are taken care of, on to a real post!
The weekend before I flew out to Canada, we had Claudia's stagette. (The boys also held Thomas' on the same day.) We dressed her up in dirty work clothes and took her to a small zoo in the area..... Claudia loves animals so we figured letting her work for a couple of hours as a zoo keeper would be lots of fun. Yups. Even though she had to shovel poop and face her camel-spit fears, I'm sure it's safe to say she had a good morning there.

After tending to the animals, we took Claudia to the beach.... where she could test her water-skiing skills. She kicked ass!

We all trooped back to her place and while she was taking a shower, we all helped each other to get the BBQ ready and set the table for our meal fit for kings. After dinner, we had a "tupperware" party and then spent the rest of the night singing karaoke, drinking and basically having a really good time!

If we continue on with a Thomas and Claudia story, I must mention that a week after we all tried to spoil them rotten - they got married! Congratulations! I couldn't make the wedding due to my trip home to Canada but I made sure I had people taking lots of pictures and from what I hear, the wedding was beautiful and it was the party of the year!

Thomas and Claudia - August 19, 2007

August is a big month for celebrations. August 22, 2007 - My wonderful friend Dee turned 28! I've known Dee for many years now and we have definitely had our share of laughs and tears. We hung out at the tennis courts way back in the days of Spencer and finding another homeroom just because we like the teacher better. We made it through Belmont together - skipping certain classes to drink coffee at Whitespot and several other memories come to mind yet I choose not to share all of our (il)legal activities or else I'd be writing a novel!

Happy Birthday Dee. I hope you had a really good day yesterday, even though you had to work. Did your family spoil you rotten? Have a great time with Glenda on Friday and I wish I could have been there! I LOVE YOU!

(Admit it - Dee's hot.)

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Deedee said...

Oh My God!! You can see right up my nose in that first one!! lol!
Thanks for the shout out babe! I had a great day, all thanks to those who love me :)