August 24, 2007

Posted by Rie On 2:49 AM
Right now, I'm sitting at the kitchen table in Sooke and I'm finally posting pictures of my first week here in Canada. My brother is sitting next to me, talking to his fiance (they set a wedding date! It looks like I'm heading this way again next year!) while all the "old" people - mom, dad, mormor and bebba - are watching the news in the living room. The puppies are enjoying all the extra cuddles and we are all having a wonderful time. Peter, Gaby and Soren left after breakfast this morning and we are expecting Stritte, Greg, Jake and Jaime to arrive in a couple of hours - just in time for some homemade danish soup!

My brother arrived Monday and when he came to on Tuesday, we started really getting the house ready for when the first batch of family arrived - Peter, Gaby and Soren came Tuesday evening and it was great seeing them again. Wednesday was a very special day for me - I got to see my grandparents - aka Mormor and Bebba - for the first time in around 14 years. We all trooped down to the airport in Victoria and greeted the old Danes flying in from Toronto. Even though they were exhausted after a long trip from Biksen to Victoria, they managed to stay awake for the majority of the afternoon and evening. I'll admit, I was impressed that they could keep their eyelids from closing because I was really tired - they must have been super sleepy!

Peter, Gaby and Soren had to continue on with their everyday lives so they were forced to leave our family reunion today (Thursday) so after a good breakfast made by my favorite cook (my dad!), they took off for the ferries. Today, we've just been puttering around the house, making food and eating way too much of all the food and now we're all having a quiet time, waiting for Stritte and co. to arrive. I saw Stritte last year on a short trip to Seattle but it's been many years since I last saw Jake (my cousin) and I have never met Stritte's husband Greg nor have I met Jake's wife, Jaime so this will be a big thing tonight.

I have lots more to write about but I'll just let the pictures tell the stories!

I went for a walk with Mom, shortly after I arrived and this is the view on their usual dog-walking route. Man, I sure do miss this island!

This is the end of the walk, the house at the end of that road is my parent's house. They have a really cool house and I'd take it in a heartbeat!

My mom and I were goofing around while we were waiting for Mormor and Bebba. What can I say - we're not normal!

We all love Allison and we have adopted her into our family so it was only natural that she was there to greet the grandparents! She made us all look bad because she brought flowers with her!

Dad and Soren. Soren is Peter's (my cousin) son so that must make Soren my great-cousin or second-cousin or whatever you call it. He's a good kid and was all dressed up in a superhero costume to greet his great-grandparents. And he's not tall enough to see over everyone's shoulders so Dad was there to help!

Here they come, all the way from Toronto! Welcome to Victoria!

A father-daughter moment. Hugs and kisses to everyone!

Mormor and Chris with huge smiles!

Bebba, Peter and Gaby - this was a big moment for Gaby since this was her first time meeting the grandparents.

And now we eat, drink and be merry. Dad arranged a wonderful lunch with sild, shrimp, tuborg and snaps. We all ate too much.

Last picture for now - Me and my little brother. He may be bigger than me but he'll always be my baby brother!

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Glenda-Bean said...

Looks like great times! It's great that you whole family can get together!

Tine said...

Hey Rie - looks like you're really enjoying yourself. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated.


gaby said...

Thanks for posting some pics! Is Bebba going to post his pics soon? I'd love to see them!