November 25, 2007

Posted by Rie On 7:22 PM
I've been busy with work and getting our apartment organized and re-arranged so I haven't really had some quiet time for my blog. Not like I really have anything to write about lately - I'm just living my everyday life here.

Our "new" home is coming along nicely. We have bought some new furniture - a desk, chest of drawers and a tv bench and it definitely helps. I don't have all my stuff up here yet but that's because we are both working quite a bit (and at different times in the day) and plus we want to really clean up and get it all ready here before we move everything. I think it's going to look great when we're done but it's taking longer than I expected because of finances and just plain lack of time.

I went to a "summerhouse" with Anders and his family this weekend to celebrate his mom's bday on Tuesday. Tine and I did have plans to spend Friday evening with Jonna and her two girls but they unfortunately all came down with the flu and Jonna was forced to cancel. Next time! I just hope they're feeling better. (And I hope Tine's headache is finally gone too!) So I came out to the summerhouse and basically just hung out there. We went for a walk Saturday but it was really cold and windy so after a few hours of wandering around in some vacation town, we went back to the fireplace, our coffee and played boardgames. Trivial Pursuit and "Tegn og Gæt" (what is it called in English? In teams, drawing and guessing what it is? I can't remember!)

We drove home Sunday and I was so tired - I didn't sleep well at all so I desperately needed a couple hours so I could function again. And now I'm here. Just finished talking to my parents and brother and his girlfriend on skype and now I think I'm going to clean up on a bookshelf here and the closet in the hallway before I throw myself on the couch and watch a movie. Maybe we should start thinking about what we're eating for dinner tonight too....

See, nothing all that interesting to post. Work is good. Life is good. Health is good. Family is good. It's all good.

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christine said...

who are you moving in with??? inquiring minds need to know!