December 24, 2007

Posted by Rie On 2:29 PM
I'm waiting for Anders to get ready and then we're going over to his parent's place to spend Christmas eve with his family. Good food, coffee, wine, chocolate and presents - it should be a nice evening.

I did absolutely nothing this weekend and I LOVED it! I guess I really needed to catch up on some sleep because I slept in both days and woke up to breakfast being served. I didn't do much other than sleep, eat, watch movies and play on my computer. Since we'll be so busy with family stuff the next few days, I don't feel guilty about being a lazy hermit the last couple of days!

So tonight is at Anders' parent's place. Tomorrow will probably be left overs at their place again - we usually go over to my family on Christmas Day but plans have been changed. Then a Christmas lunch on Wednesday at Anders' aunt and uncle's place - again with too much food and lots of people. We were invited out to Nørup (my family) on Thursday but Anders has to work and I have a youth club party that evening with lots of drunken teenagers plus I have plans with an old friend coming to Vejle so we had to unfortunately say no thanks to more food. Hopefully we can drive out there sometime during the weekend and drink some coffee with my crazy aunt and uncle.

New Years Eve (NYE) plans are starting to come around.... ok, not really. All I know is that Tine, Heidi, Anders and I will be eating dinner together, most likely here at our place. Maybe two more friends too. But we don't know what's happening afterwards and with who. No one is really showing too much excitement towards NYE so it'll probably be a quieter evening... which suits me just fine. It'll be a nice excuse to really just hang out with our friends and have a good time without the hangover the day after.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas - Danes, Canadians and whoever else reads this blog. Big hugs to you and your family!!

xoxoxoxxoxo Rie

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Deedee said...

Merry Christmas Rie!!

Glenda-Bean said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Lots of love.