March 13, 2008

Posted by Rie On 11:10 AM
I get some time off work this Easter! Yay me! We are open extra hours Monday and Tuesday but then I'm off from Wednesday to Monday - a 6 day mini vacation! All I have planned so far is lunch on Thursday at Anders' parent's place, other than that, pure relaxation and just doing whatever my heart desires!

Things are good here. Work is good. Life is good.

We got some money back in taxes this year so we are now planning a little trip somewhere in Europe for sometime in late June. We're thinking Bulgaria. Sun, sandy beaches, poolside cocktails, holding hands, walking around in a different country taking loads and loads of fun pictures.... Right now DK has shitty weather. Windy, rainy and just very blah. I'm tired of blah. I need some sun and being able to be outside without freezing my ass off.

Last shift at Nørup youth club yesterday evening. Tine came with me so Karin and I fed her cookies and coffee while hanging out with "our kids". We are now closed until October which is always a bitter-sweet feeling. I love my job there but now I'll have an extra night for Rie stuff. But then again, I love what I do so I took on some extra shifts up at JB since one of my co-workers will be on leave and we need to fill the gap. I can't help myself, I just really love what I do.

Panduro Hobby is having a huge sale so I stocked up on artsy/crafty stuff. Spent too much money but I was in heaven. Don't know why I'm telling you guys that. I think I'm just eager to have some peace and quiet to work on some projects I've been thinking about for weeks now.

Ok, I'm babbling. That's my sign to end this post and get ready for work. Long shift today, won't be home until late. Only two more days until weekend. Then only two more days after that, then Easter vacation!

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