March 23, 2008

Posted by Rie On 12:55 PM
It's Sunday, early afternoon. It's probably cold outside. Snow. Melting snow. Still, that's not going to hold me back from going on a walk with Anders out to the park where the deer are. We bought some carrots yesterday and I will bring my camera with me just in case the perfect picture comes along.

This mini vacation has been alright. Wednesday, I met up with Lise and Didde - I haven't seen them in a while now so we had lots of catching up to do during lunch. Thursday was Anders' family day and we ate Easter lunch at his parent's place and then played pictionary. We kicked everyone else's ass.

Thursday night turned into an interesting night. Interesting in a good or bad way you may ask.... since it's not my story to tell and I was pretty much only an innocent bystander, I will not go into details. I went over to Tine's place in the evening so we could bitch about a certain someone in Tine's life and we ended up going downtown for a couple of drinks. Nothing all too festive - just hanging out at the local pub with Adrianna (she was working) and having a good time. Well... the certain someone decided to make a drunken appearance. To be honest, Tine took it very nicely. I would have been having a total shitfit but she was able to hold back and "behaved" herself. Anyways, since this isn't my story to tell, let's just say that she had a good talk with this man and I ended up walking home alone...

Men are so confusing sometimes. Especially Mr. X. One day at a time, right??

Ok, I'm sure anyone who read this is now seriously confused (except Tine and perhaps Adri) so I'll just change the topic.... Friday, since the drinking was kept at a low the night before (at least for me!), I was able to get my ass in gear and clean up around here. Now the livingroom, hallway, bathroom and kitchen are presentable and we can always close our doors to the bedroom and office.... we haven't been able to do laundry in a while so we have dirty clothes making a statement in our bedroom - no wonder we sleep so good, we must be drugged with the stench of Anders' smelly socks.... (lol, I'm very funny today!)

Yesterday, I was super lazy. Played around on the computer, vegged out on the couch, made a yummy, healthy dinner and basically had a very lazy day. We did get out of the house to do grocery shopping but that was an in-buy-get-the-hell-out-of-the-store trip. Anders is no fun shopping with. And he knows that.

So, here I am. I'm going to move the exercise bike back into the living room so we'll get more room in our little office. Since we rarely have guests, it shouldn't be that bad having a giant metal monster in the living room - hell, we might even start using it again! I guess that since we'll be taking a summer vacation to a sunny, sandy and very warm country, I should start thinking about trying to find some sort of bikini body.... and the exercise bike is a good start, eh?

Enough of me just babbling on. I'm in that zone right now but I will hold back and let you get back to the exciting Sunday you might be having.

Happy Easter!

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