March 24, 2008

Posted by Rie On 10:50 PM
So, Easter break is now over. Back to work tomorrow and then life will be "normal" again. Luckily, I have two short shifts in a row so it'll be an easy week. Then - it'll be hell. Extra shifts, a slumber party for the "girl club" at work and youth parties to watch over.

It's been snowing the last couple of days but Anders and I did go for our walk. There is a park not far from where we live where there are lots of deer. It's a really large area and people are allowed to walk around and feed the deer. So, Anders and I fed the deer some yummy carrots out in the snow.

This one was not shy at all and came right away once he saw my bag of carrots. He had no problems with people and was really piggy.

The ducks out for a walk. They were fat and were begging for more food. See all the deer in the background?

A very typical Anders/Rie picture except I told him not to make any funny faces - just look into the camera! It was snowing quite a bit.

I've been crafty and seem to have found my motivation and inspiration again. One idea at a time! I started up another blog, just to post my stuff - take a look at if you are interested!

2 Intelligent comments:

Tine said...

Wauw - an almost normal picture of Anders... I'm impressed ;)

Glenda-Bean said...

Wow! Awesome you can feed the deer from your hand! I think this is the first ever picture I've seen of Anders not making a face. HA HA! I'm jealous you guys have snow!