May 4, 2008

Posted by Rie On 12:05 PM
And I have the pictures now to prove it!

Yes, JC (aka Chris) and Kim are now husband and wife. Thanks mom and dad for taking lots of pictures and for posting them so quickly.

Kimberly, the wife-to-be!

Dad, father of the groom with the ring

JC, husband-to-be.

JC and his best man, Henry

Kim walking down the aisle with her dad

Kim and JC saying their vows

Pouring sand together.

Signing the official papers

The first kiss as husband and wife!

The wedding party - Henry (BM), JC, Kim and Aaron (MOH)

The Norgaard's - Mom, JC, Kim and Dad

Kim and JC- looking very happy!

Dinner was held at the Danish restaurant in Calgary. JC, Kim and Aaron.

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Glenda-Bean said...

It's about time you posted pics :oP Looks like a great day and Congrats to JC and Kim!!! Woo hoo!!! P.S. Your mom grew her hair out! I didn't even recognize her!

Rie said...

Mom is blond and skinny! I didn't even recognize her myself!

christine said...

beautiful wedding! Whats the significance of pouring sand together? I didn't recognize your mom either! what a change!

lotto 649 said...
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