May 28, 2008

Posted by Rie On 12:29 PM
I'm at work right now which is why I can't upload any pictures. But I do have some and hopefully will be able to have a picture update later on today!

Life is ok here. The sun is shining and that's always nice. I've been busy but not too much stress... Went to Copenhagen with the youth club and spent the weekend (May 17 and 18th) over there. Saw soccor, went to Tivoli and had a good time. Last Friday after work, I met up with Lise and Tine for dinner and drinks - good times. Saturday, I did nothing and loved it. Anders and I just hung out at home and then went for dinner - neither one of us really felt like groceries or cooking. Sunday, I went up to Horsens to visit Heidi. It was my turn and it was great seeing her again. We drank coffee, I met her boyfriend and we played backgammon in the sunshine.... which resulted in a decent sunburn on my arms. I now have a crazy "farmer's tan" and it looks really stupid.

Jelling festival is this upcoming weekend. And I'm not going. It's kinda a sad thought.

Gotta go, have to work now. Pictures later! I promise!!

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Heidi Høgsberg said...

Hmm.. Have you heard of sunscreen? ;-) I was nice seeing you too.. :-)
Knus Heidi