November 28, 2008

Posted by Rie On 11:35 AM
Ok, not exactly weekend for me just yet. I work Saturdays so I still have today and tomorrow to think about. Puha!

Life is ok here. Nice and quiet - greatly appreciated. Honestly, I haven't done anything other than relax, watch tv, sleep and eat. I was off work Tuesday and Wednesday and instead of using my time wisely (cleaning, paperwork, etc), I did NOTHING. Seriously. I now have a guilty feeling of being lazy but then again, after these last few months where everything has been going at lightspeed, I figured a couple of days with NOTHING was allowed.

So tonight will be a quiet evening here at home since I'm behind with all my small (and larger) projects and also because I'm working tomorrow at the garage. I only have 4 hours at work today so I can't complain. Groceries and paperwork are my main priorities tonight.

My health is better. No more kidney pains or fevers. Just a little cold but that's slowly going away again. Everyone here in DK is sick with a nasty cold or whatever..... so I'm drowning myself in tea and NeoCitron.

Wow, this has been a very boring post. I have nothing to write about. MEH.

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