November 18, 2008

Posted by Rie On 7:26 PM
It's amazing what happens when one doesn't have a tv. I mean, I've been horrible at updating my blog the last few months and then when my tv dies - I'm here all the time!

I just finished "dinner" (I need meat soon!) and am taking a break from unpacking and organizing and since I don't have a tv, I thought I'd blog a bit. Not because I have much to write about other than moving and my health. I'm still surrounded by boxes but every little bit helps. It'll take some days before I'm settled and knowing me, I'll be rearranging for several months to come but one day at a time. I'm feeling better - not great but definitely better. Still taking painkillers and antibiotics but I don't have a fever today so that's a good sign. Trying to drink lots of water and tea so I can just pee all the bad stuff out of me! And sleep... which is probably why my apartment doesn't look like much yet.

Have I yet mentioned how much I love my little place? I really love my place and know that it'll be a perfect home for me when everything calms down. I can't wait until I can drink my coffee at the table, paint and do artsy stuff in the craft corner and just relax on my couch watching tv. Simple things like that in life are good. And very much needed.

Back to packing. And studying for my "little" test tomorrow.

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