January 19, 2009

Posted by Rie On 11:35 AM
Mondays are always different for me. Sometimes I get up and groan over the fact that my weekend is over and that I have to work. Sometimes I jump out of bed and smile to the world, thinking about how much I love my job(s) and that this is a new week. Sometimes I get lots of stuff done here at home before work, and sometimes I do nothing.

It's been a combination of everything this morning. I was super tired when I got up. Really tired. It was a hard weekend and late last night before I went to bed - ended up watching the game last night and playing on the computer. I slept like a freaking rock! So I crawled out of bed, groaned over the fact that I really should be getting up and doing some stuff here before I go to work (I have the evening shift tonight) and made some breakfast, made some coffee and now I'm ready to start my day.

And now I'm awake. Not ready for work just yet, but awake and smiling.

I don't really have any huge plans this week. The biggest news would be that I'm getting a couch tonight and I'm super excited. Yes, one can get excited over a piece of furniture! I can't wait! The plan is that my co-worker gets my extra key, since I'm working, and will swing by with the couch tonight. Which means that I should have a nice "surprise" when I get home tonight. YAY ME! Pictures will come!! Me and some kids picked up the "old" couches on Saturday and brought them over to the garage so I sat on the floor last night.

Other than that, it looks like my week will be busy with work. I'm starting a work-related course on Saturday so I won't be at the garage this weekend but I can't fit everything into my schedual. I'm still struggling with slight signs of a cold and drinking tea and NeoCitron but it looks like I'll survive another day. Went out with friends Friday and Saturday night - nothing extreme but still lots of fun. Spent a quiet day at home yesterday.

Life is good.

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